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Exercise mats or general purpose mats can be used for your personal home gym or in a common gym to perform various types of floor exercises. These mats are generally skid proof which provides a sense of security and resists falls to a great extent. A mat that is very thick can be unstable and it may become difficult to balance while a very thin mat can leave you with muscle soreness post workout. A very thick mat is the one with a width of more than 6 mm and a thin mat has a width of 2mm. Mats with carry straps help in easy transportation. Floor based exercises like sit-ups, planks or Russian twists require exercise mats. Buy exercise mats with varying thickness and materials at HPFY.

Types of Exercise Mats

  • Vinyl mats that contain a foam core and a Vinyl cover. These mats being durable and easy to clean can withstand repeated use. Just wipe clean the mat and it is good to go. 

  • TPE or the Thermoplastic Elastomer material mats are very comfortable, durable and environment friendly. These mats can be recycled. They provide a soft and comfortable feel due to their elastic properties and return back to their original shape once stable. 

Benefits of using Exercise Mats


EVA mats are very light in weight and easy to carry. They are made up of lightweight foam. These mats are made for general low impact exercises and may not withstand high impact and rigorous exercises. 


A gym mat is designed to provide the user with a maximum comfort level. The mat will serve as padding between the floor and the body, and this is important for people who have wrist, hips, and knees sensitive to hard surfaces.

Noise Reduction

Some workout routines can make a lot of noise, and the exercise mats can help bring the noise levels down.


Using the gym mat keeps the floor and the carpets clean by keeping sweat away from it. Additionally, it keeps a layer of protection between the user and the floor, thus promoting cleanliness.

Personal Space

The mat creates a personal space, and one can use it as a separation between the personal workspace and the other people's space in the gym.

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