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What is Tracheostomy?

Tracheostomy is an opening in the neck, into the trachea to deliver oxygen or remove secretion build up in the airway. Tracheostomy can be necessary after a disease, trauma or surgery. The tracheostomy tube is placed on the stoma and is secured with a harness. The stoma becomes the permanent opening through which the individual breathes. Providing the oxygen to the tracheostomy patient is crucial and it is done through the tracheostomy mask. These masks are specially designed to be placed over the trach stoma and secure round the neck. The mask is connected to an oxygen reservoir with the help of an oxygen tube. The oxygen level is then set to the desired amount. You must always ensure that the mask is not obscuring the tube. Try the Medline Tracheostomy Mask or the Hudson RCI Tracheostomy Mask for best results.

Where to buy Masks for Tracheostomy Patients?

Health Products For You offers a range of tracheostomy masks from reputed manufacturers such as Allied Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Medline Industries and Teleflex Incorporated. Our range of masks can be used for tracheostomy and laryngectomy aerosol therapy. Tracheostomy masks are made up of soft material and can be put on and off with minimal disturbance to the patient. Trach masks are available in different sizes and styles to suit the needs of patients. HPFY offers exclusive discounts on each product making them extremely economic and affordable.

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