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What is a Trach Mask?

A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that involves creating an opening in the neck to access the trachea (windpipe) when a person is unable to breathe through their nose or mouth due to injury or illness. Thus, providing oxygen to the tracheostomy patient is a crucial task, and it is done through a Trach Mask. The mask is connected through tubing to the oxygen tank that delivers the desired amount of oxygen. A trach oxygen mask fits over the stoma (the opening in the neck) and is held in place with an adjustable strap. You must always ensure that the mask is not obscuring the tube.

Protect your loved ones with our top-quality tracheal mask, designed to provide safe and comfortable breathing support in any situation. At HPFY, you will get durable and lightweight tracheostomy oxygen masks from top-selling manufacturers like Allied Healthcare, Carefusion, McKesson, and more.

Tracheostomy Mask

Benefits of Tracheostomy Mask

How to use Trach Oxygen Mask?

  1. Wash your hands and put on gloves and a mask to maintain infection control.
  2. Connect the tracheostomy mask to the oxygen or humidified air source.
  3. Place the tracheal mask over the tracheostomy tube.
  4. Adjust the mask to ensure a snug fit around the tracheal tube to prevent any air leakage.
  5. Turn on the oxygen or humidified air source and adjust the flow rate according to the healthcare professional's instructions.
  6. Monitor the patient's vital signs, including oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and respiratory rate, to ensure proper oxygenation and ventilation.
  7. Remove the trach oxygen mask and turn off the oxygen or humidified air source when finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use an adult tracheostomy mask?

Use a trach oxygen mask by attaching the tubing to the oxygen tank and turning the oxygen level to the desired amount.

2. What is the flow rate for a trach mask?

The minimum flow rate through any face mask or tracheostomy mask is 4 LPM, as this prevents the possibility of CO2 accumulation and CO2 re-breathing.

3. Can you drink water with a tracheostomy?

Most people will eventually be able to eat normally with a trach oxygen mask, although swallowing can be difficult at first. While in the hospital, you may start by taking small sips of water before gradually moving on to soft foods, followed by regular food.

Where to buy a Tracheostomy Oxygen Mask Online?

Health Products For You offers a range of trach masks from reputed manufacturers such as Allied Healthcare, Medline Industries, and Teleflex Incorporated. Our range can be used for tracheostomy and laryngectomy aerosol therapy. Tracheostomy masks are made up of soft material and can be put on and off with minimal disturbance to the patient. Tracheal masks are available in different sizes and styles to suit the needs of patients. HPFY offers exclusive discounts on each product, making them extremely economical and affordable.

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