Coloplast Assura Two-Piece

Coloplast Assura 2-piece pouches are designed with a mechanical coupling system that provides an extra reassurance. When this pouch is attached you will hear an audible click sound that makes sure that the pouch is securely attached to the barrier. Before locking the pouch to the barrier it can be rotated into the desired position to best fit your body position. These pouches provide the security of one piece systems along with the flexibility of two piece systems. The pouch can easily be changed more frequently that the wafer. The barriers are available in standard or extended wear types. These barriers can be pre-cut or cut-to fit to meet the individual needs of all users. The convex light skin barriers are good for flush and retracted stomas and those located in skin folds. The skin barriers are coupled with pouches according to a color coded system i.e. a barrier with red coupling size must be attached to a red pouch only.  

Try the popular Coloplast Assura New Generation EasiClose Two-Piece Drainable Pouch With Filter or the Coloplast Assura New Generation Soft Outlet Two-Piece Maxi Transparent Urostomy Pouch for desired security and discreet application along with barriers like Coloplast Assura AC Skin Barrier for an unparalleled experience. Buy two piece systems from Coloplast at best prices on HPFY!

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Coloplast Assura Pouches Features:

  • An inbuilt filter: Assura two piece ostomy pouches come with an integrated three-layer filter that helps to neutralize pouch odor avoiding the risk of the pouch ballooning thereby keeping the pouch discreet.

  • Soft backing fabric allows for fast and easy drying after a shower or swimming session as it is made of a water repellant material.

  • The Pouches come in a body-friendly shape i.e. they are designed such that it is easy to wear and carry around while being discreet. 

Steps for Healthy Skin Around the Stoma:

  • The skin around your stoma must be clean and completely dry before applying the adhesive part of the barrier.
  • The hole in the adhesive must be adjusted such that it fits the diameter of the stoma exactly.
  • It is normal for your body to change shape after the surgery. You must check regularly to see if your template is the right size and shape for the stoma.
  • Checking should be done by positioning the cutting template over the stoma to see if the hole fits perfectly.
  • For people with herinas it is necessary to check the size of their stoma regularly.
  • Check the skin barrier for adhesion. Exert light pressure with your hand to do so.
  • In case you feel any itching or discomfort change the ostomy pouch and the barrier right away.
  • Always use ostomy appliances and accessories most suited to your body type.

Taking care of your stoma can smoothen your ride with a stoma. Coloplast Assura two piece systems help you in doing so. With the skin friendly adhesive the chances of skin irritation reduces. Take your pick now!