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Scar is a mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed. Treatments include surgery to remove the scar, steroid injections, scar creams, ointments or silicone sheets to flatten the scar.


Health Products For You, offers an exclusive range of gels, ointments, creams and more designed to prevent and reduce scars from injury, surgery, burns, acne and also get rid of stretch marks. You have a huge range to choose from and all have stunning discounts on them. These products are manufactured to suit your needs by top brands like Silipos, 3-Point Products Inc., and North Coast Medical and many more.

Best Scar Treatment After Surgery

The formation of scars due to excessive deposition of collagen after a surgical procedure is a normal phenomenon. It is the precursor for your body's healing. The scar tissue may involve only the superficial skin, or it may affect the deeper tissues that lay beneath the skin, including the nerves and tendons. These scars are commonly known as hypertrophic scars. An active scar is a replica of soft tissue wounds. Subsequently, the soft tissues form the surroundings of the locomotor system. The tissues stretch and shift in sync with the muscles and joints. When active scars develop, they start interfering with this scheme of movements which perturbs the functioning of the entire locomotory system. These scars may be red, raised, firm, or thick in appearance. Scars often become overtly sensitive and cause hindrances in motion and functioning.

The surgeon or hand therapist will probably recommend you a scar treatment after the injury heals. Once the cuts are closed and stitches are removed from the wound site, the scar treatment is initiated. The type of hypertrophic scar treatment depends on the type of injury or surgery undergone. Scar management includes -

Scar Massage

It helps reduce sensitivity and loosen the tissues surrounding the lesions. Massaging scars make the scar site smooth and moveable. You may use any over-the-counter cream such as Vaseline, cocoa butter, or hand lotion for this. Massaging, using vibration therapy, or simply rubbing the scar's surface with different textures helps in the reduction of sensitivity of the scar. When the surgery or injury affects the deeper tissues and nerves that are dormant beneath the skin, overtly sensitive lesions and scar appear. Reducing sensitivity makes it easier for the patient to carry out daily chores easily despite having scars. It may take up to 4 months for the scar to heal completely.

You can also try Spenco 2nd Skin Scar Gel, a silicone gel that helps fade and flatten hypertrophic and keloid scars. This scar therapy gel is flexible, colorless, non-stick, and will not leave residue on user skin. Its thin, smooth coating can also be used anywhere on the body. It is ideal for treating red and raised scars (old and new) that often occur following surgery, an accident, or a burn. Subsequently, massaging the scar as directed twice a day for ten minutes helps in healing it quicker. Additionally, keeping the muscles and joints active after surgery will prevent the skin from getting stiff and heal the scar faster.

Silicone Sheet

Using Silicone sheets to tape or wrap the scar keeps the wound site away from swelling. It also reduces tension in that area. Silicone sheets are reusable. Thus you can reuse them a couple of times after washing thoroughly. The Silicone Gel Sheets soften and reduce the appearance of new or mature scars. It has a soft cloth cover which is easy to wear under clothing. It includes a printed grid on the backing to aid in measuring the size issued and monitoring the scar's size. It is self-adhesive and stays in place without tape. The gel dries, and the thin layer sticks on the curved surfaces of the skin without getting displaced from their original position. The silicone therapy is apt for using 12-20 hours a day for about 2-6 months.


Surgery is not a commonly sought-after treatment option. However, in some cases, it can be effective in healing special scar problems such as burn scars or any serious injuries that require extensive treatment. Some scars take up to even a year to mature completely. Therefore, some scar revisions are not considered viable options until a year after a particular surgery—scar revisions aid in minimizing a scar and thus can prove beneficial for some patients.

When the scars fade in color, feel smooth on touch, and not sensitive, it is considered healed. On the contrary, a fresh scar looks pink or red, and the scar appears raised, thick, and extremely sensitive. Such a scar needs protection from sunlight.

Best Scar Treatment Products At HPFY

Health Products For You provides a wide range of products for scar relief. Using these products will help you heal the scar within 4-6 weeks after the surgical wound or injury has completely healed.

Our top Scar Relief Products include -

Get all these products and many more from top brands like Patterson Medical, NewGel, Rolyan, and Curad. Check out our collection and get the best deals on every purchase.

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