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Urinary Catheter Leg Bag Accessories at HPFY

Leg Bag Accessories assist with necessary attachments that are used for enhancing user independence and comfort while wearing a leg bag. Urinary leg bags can be attached to the thigh or calf with the help of leg bag straps, covers and holders. Extension tubing helps connect drainage bag to the catheter. At Health Products For You, we provide our customers best urine leg bag accessories for optimal functioning and maximum comfort. We have a wide range of urinary supplies from top brands like Urocare, Bard, Coloplast, and Hollister Inc. etc. You can explore and find the perfect accessories to use a catheter leg bag.

What is included in Urinary Catheter Leg Bag Accessories?

A urine collection kit includes the following -

Leg Bag Straps

A catheter leg strap is a fabric band or pouch that goes around your leg to comfortably secure your urinary drainage bag in place. Their universal size is designed to accommodate most urinary leg bags. Fabric leg bag straps are more comfortable as compared to latex leg bag straps and are perfect for patients with latex allergies.

The Bard Reusable Wide Leg Bag Straps are used to keep urinary bags in place. They feature fabric backing and Velcro closure. These 2" wide straps are comfortable to wear and provide a soft, discreet fit. Bard Leg Bag Straps virtually eliminate slipping and minimize skin irritation.

Leg Bag Holder

Leg bag holders are a simple and cost effective solution to a difficult problem. They prevent contact between the leg bag and the skin; this reduces sweating while allowing the skin to breathe freely. These holders can be worn on the inner or outer side of the leg.

The Tytex CareFix CarePocket Leg Bag Holder is designed to hold a urine bag in place and keeps it discreet almost undetectable under clothing. CarePocket distributes the weight of the urine bag fully so as to reduce the pressure points on the leg.

Leg Bag Holder Garments

Leg Bag Holder Garments hold the urinary leg bags securely and prevent them from falling or dragging down the leg. They maintain the dignity of users by avoiding the chances of any embarrassing incident.

The Uro Concepts Unisex Two Pocket Leg Bag Holder Undergarment securely holds leg bag from falling down the leg and causing an embarrassing incident. No constriction of circulation to lower leg and no painful skin ulcers. It is designed to be used with all types of catheters including nephrostomy (left, right, bi-lateral) and helps restore dignity and normalcy.

Leg Bag Covers

Leg Bag covers wrap around the urine bag and provide support to them. They are attractive alternative to hold a leg bag with ease and comfort.

The C&S Urinary Leg Bag Cover is designed for those individuals that require the use of a urine bag. It is composed of a cotton/poly blend fabric, this durable product is 100% machine wash and dry and provides a convenient way to access the urine bag. People with an Ostomy like the Urostomy prefer these leg bag covers due to its attractive look and comfort.

How to strap a Catheter Bag?

To secure a catheter bag, you need good quality straps, such as the Coloplast Conveen Leg Bag Straps that provide comfort and security. These straps are made of soft and reusable elastic fabric. The latex free conveen Leg Bag Straps are for secure attachment of the leg bag to leg or thigh and facilitate the user with ideal support for urine bag at the bedside.

  • These straps are of two different sizes- the thicker button strap goes on the upper portion of the Leg Bag, while the narrow one goes on the lower portion of the Leg Bag.
  • There are strap holders on the Leg Bag where you are supposed to feed in the straps.
  • Once they are put into these holders, use a pair of scissors to cut the strap to a comfortable length.
  • To make sure that the strap is cut to a proper length, use a measuring tap and measure the thigh on which you want to attach the Leg Bag.
  • Now place the bag on your thigh and attach it well using a medical tape.

Where can I buy Urinary Catheter Supplies?

HPFY offers the best Urological supplies to its customers at the most affordable prices. We believe in delivering quality products at your doorstep without causing any trouble to you. Our top products are manufactured by popular names like Fitz-All, Conveen, and NU-Hope etc. Shop with us today and get the best deals on every purchase.

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