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Buy Silicone Urinary Catheters [Save Up To 50%]

Silicone catheters is a urinary catheter made entirely out of silicone. They contain no latex, which makes them ideal for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. It is a good alternative for people who suffer from latex allergies as silicone in 100% latex-free.
Silicone catheters come in many different types a and styles, including Foley, intermittent, and coude tip catheters. Silicone catheters work just like other Foley catheters. The tip is inserted through the urethra until it reaches the bladder. Small openings on the tip, called eyelets, allow urine to flow through the catheter and collect outside the body in a drainage bag or disposable receptacle.
Silicone catheters may also be used for people who experience more pain or discomfort when inserting a catheter.

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What is a Texas Catheter?

A Texas catheter is a type of male external catheter used to treat urinary incontinence in men. Texas catheters differ from external condom catheters in that they usually come with a self-adhering elastic foam strap or Velcro strap that helps keep the catheter in place and not fall off during the day. The catheter is worn over the glans penis to drain the urine into a urine collection bag. As a Texas catheter is worn externally, it reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and incontinence-induced skin breakdown up to a great extent. HPFY offers a wide range of Texas catheters from various top-selling brands like Kendall, Uro-Con, etc.

When to use Texas Urinary Catheters?

Normally Texas catheters are indicated when indwelling catheters are not possible to use. These are for short-term use, as long-term use can increase the risk of UTIs and cause damage and irritation to the penis from friction with the catheter. Texas condom catheters offer enhanced comfort for many men. They have a sheath resembling a condom, making them more pliable and less likely to chafe or cause irritation. Texas catheter is indicated in the following situations:

How does a Texas Condom Catheter work?

Texas-style catheters work similarly to the way that regular external condom catheters work. Texas-style catheters are worn on the penis to facilitate urine drainage. The catheter is connected to the drainage tube, and the tubing is connected to a urinary leg bag or an overnight drainage bag. Texas catheters do not help with urine retention. If you cannot pass urine naturally, a Texas catheter will not work for you.

Texas Catheter vs Condom Catheter

How to wear Texas Cath?

Important things to consider while using a Male Texas Catheter

  1. Measure the penis and use an appropriate size catheter. The most important thing to consider is the sizing of the Texas catheter. Not all manufacturers use the same sizing guidelines, so check your preferred size before buying.
  2. Change the catheter daily or as indicated by the manufacturer.
  3. Although trimming long hair is advisable, shaving pubic hair is not recommended because it can cause skin irritation. You can use a hair guard or a paper towel with a hole in the middle during catheter application.
  4. Never use adhesive tapes to keep the Texas catheter in place. It might cause trauma to the penis.
  5. If you found no urine in the drainage bag, check for the common issues, including:

Where to buy Texas Catheters online?

Health Products For You carries Texas condom catheters from well-known brands like Urocare and Covidien at pocket-friendly prices. Place your order today!

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