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What are mastectomy Bra accessories?

A mastectomy bra plays an integral part in your life post-mastectomy surgery. It keeps your self-esteem and confidence intact after a life-altering procedure. Along with soft post-surgery bras, mastectomy bra accessories are equally important to aid your healing. These accessories make your life a little easier. At Health Products For You, we provide various attractive accessories for the bra from different manufacturers, such as Amoena, American Breast Care, Anita International Corporation, and more. Shop with us for bra extenders, strap cushions, bra pockets, and underwire pads and get huge discounts on these products. Also, the removable bra cups, bra supports, security discs and strips, bust cups, inserts, cup liners, and much more are on super saver offers. Grab them now!

What includes Post-Mastectomy Bra Accessories?

To meet all your mastectomy accessories, HPFY brings you dozens of top-selling products and their variations -

Bra Extenders

Bra extenders are tiny pieces of fabric. They have hook and eye closures used to attach to the usual bra and extend the length of the band. Our top product, the Classique Bra Extenders, allows the user to customize the size of bras, which are tight or hard to fit. If, sometimes, while wearing a bra, the user feels a little tight, these are a "must-have" in the lingerie drawer. These extenders instantly add inches to the bra band to increase its length.

Fiberfill Forms

They can easily adjust the form to the proper fullness by adding or removing fiber fill. These post-surgical forms are manufactured with 100 percent soft cotton material, designed with comfort and to meet the specific needs of women immediately following breast surgery, in the hospital, and after returning home. The form supports during the healing process and ease of use. The Amoena Fiberfill Post-Surgical Form is great for use immediately after surgery to provide symmetry.

Bra Pockets

The bra pockets hold the breast form securely in place. You can fit this pocket in a bra, swimsuit, or nightgown to keep the breast form from slipping. The Amoena Bra Pockets are perfect for adding to any bra. The sewing instructions are provided with the pockets, sewn into a bra or swimsuit to create a post-mastectomy garment.

Bra Cups

Bra Cups are used for shaping and padding in any post-mastectomy bra.They come in different sizes and shapes to suit your natural body and make you feel and look good. The LuisaLuisa Removable bra cups are one of our top selling products available in nude color.

Breast Form

Breast Forms are reinvented to fit the unique shape of the user's body and especially comfortable if surgery left the user with an uneven chest wall. The Amoena Adapt Light 3A has a body-forming moldable silicone with integrated temperature-equalizing, comfort, plus technology - Win-Win situation. It has a soft pearl surface with a new design that allows air to flow freely behind the form, reducing moisture.

Invisible Transparent Bra Straps

Certain bra types make it difficult to dress up properly. The trouble increases manifolds if you have just undergone surgery. These detachable bra straps make dressing up easier and quicker. The ABC Clear Bra Straps are slip-resistant, clear straps that are a great alternative to normal straps. Using these straps is no rocket science. They are comfortable and made with high-quality material that blends into the skin.

Bra Washbags

Washing bras directly can destroy their texture; use a washbag to make laundry extremely easy. All you need to do is put the bra in the Anita Comfort Washbag to prevent damage to the lingerie when washing. It is an easy way to take extra care of bras.

Shoulder Pads

Bra shoulder pads provide soft cushioning to prevent infections and irritation to the skin. The Amoena Silicone Shoulder Pad provides comfort from straps that tend to dig into the shoulder. This soft, clear silicone pad slips easily over a standard-size bra strap. The Silicone Shoulder Pad may assist with weight distribution for women with certain medical conditions.

Where to buy Post-Surgery Bra Accessories?

We at HPFY believe in bringing the best quality products to cater your needs and requirements. Our wide range of mastectomy bra accessories consisting top selling items from leading names like the WearEase Inc. and Trulife. Browse our catalog now and get some super affordable deals on every purchase.

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