Marlen Two Piece

Marlen manufacturing has long been known for its innovations in ostomy field. The high quality and long lasting ostomy products provide you with a reliable and secure way to care for your ostomy. Two-piece ostomy systems from Marlen are designed for colostomies, urostomies and ileostomies. The urostomy pouches from Marlen come with an integrated push-pull valve that makes these pouches convenient to use. All two piece pouches require separate mounting rings. Urostomy pouches are lightweight and are available in clear or beige. Special gas relief ileostomy pouches come with a gas relief valve integrated into the pouch. We also have the neoprene rubber reusable pouches that are good for multiple uses. Marlen barrier comes with the skin shield technology that does not absorb any moisture and provides a long lasting protection. These pouches come in all sizes including child, medium and large for varying amounts of output. Two piece ostomy systems gives you the flexibility of removing the pouch without the need of removing the skin barrier that frequently.

At HPFY we bring to you the entire range of Marlen two piece ostomy systems including the popular Marlen E-Z Drain Two-Piece Clear Urostomy Pouch, Marlen E-Z Drain Two-Piece White Urostomy Pouch or the Marlen White Neoprene Rubber Ileostomy Pouch along with the Marlen Skin Shield Protective Adhesive Skin Barrier for best results. Buy Marlen two piece systems for reliability and a longer wear time at HPFY! Attractive discounts on all purchases.

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