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In patients with chronic respiratory illnesses or under emergency situations like heart failure or stroke there is a need for supplemental oxygen for maintaining the necessary blood oxygen levels in the body. The oxygen level can be checked by a pulse oximeter. If the level falls below the requirement oxygen cylinders or concentrators are employed to provide oxygen. Oxygen Masks are the passageways to deliver oxygen from the reservoir to the patient’s lungs. These are made up of plastic, rubber or silicone.

Types of oxygen masks

Simple Oxygen Face Mask

Oxygen concentration in normal room is about 21%. An oxygen mask is suitable for oxygen concentration of 30% - 60% which is necessary for medical treatment. These masks are usually made of plastic. An oxygen mask often has a capacity of holding 100-200 ml of gas in itself and requires an oxygen flow of 5-6 l/min to avoid carbon di oxide accumulation inside the mask. These masks fix on the patient’s mouth with an elasticated headband. Simple masks like Allied Simple Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask contain holes for carbon di oxide to escape and fresh air to mix with the oxygen.

Reservoir Mask

These masks have a reservoir attached to them. Both non-breather masks and partial re-breather masks come under this category. Reservoir masks are used for delivering higher concentration of oxygen. The partial re-breather mask like the Hudson RCI Adult High Concentration Oxygen Mask is used to deliver 70 – 90 percent oxygen concentration, while a non-re-breather mask delivers 90 percent of oxygen concentration or more. Reservoir masks do not contain any openings to restrict the inflow of outside air. 

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