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What are Urological Supplies?

Urological supplies include all those products that help in the continence care of people. They help in directly voiding the urine if the user is not able to do so normally. Some of the commonly used urology supplies available at HPFY are catheter holder or straps, catheter lubricants, enema supplies, insertion trays, irrigation products, penile clamps, pessaries, urinals, tubings and connectors. All these products are from top-selling brands like Bardia, AMSure, Bardex, EvaCare, Kendall, Rusch, Mcgurie Urinal etc.

Urological Supplies Available at HPFY

At HPFY there are various types of Urinary and Catheter Supplies available, you can explore them and find the best ones for yourself.

Insertion Trays

The Foley Insertion Kits or Trays contain all the essential supplies needed for successful urinary catheterization. These kits' components are usually sterile to prevent the introduction of bacteria in the urinary tract or bladder. Some kits include a Foley catheter, while others give users an option to choose the catheter according to their personal needs. Usually, the Foley insertion trays that come along with catheters have a Foley catheter pre-attached to a drainage bag.

Irrigation Trays and Syringes

As the name suggests, irrigation trays are used to insert the catheters. It provides all the components necessary for medical procedures of catheter insertion and irrigation. Just by opening a single packaged tray the user will have all the items needed on the fingertips. These are sterile components used in catheterization. Similarly, the catheter tip syringe helps in creating a connection between the needle and the catheter tip.


A vaginal Pessary is a Urological device inserted inside the vagina commonly for the management of stress urinary incontinence in women. Pessary also helps in treatment of pelvic defects like cystocele. These come in different sizes and shapes such as ring pessary, donut pessary, gellhorn pessary, inflatable pessary and more.

Urinary Tubing and Connectors

Urinary Tubing and connectors are used to connect the catheter with the drainage bag. The catheter extension tubes are made of rubber or vinyl material which makes them fit for those having latex-allergies. These are most helpful during night time when the patient needs to change positions while sleeping. These urine catheter tubings provide additional space between the catheter and the bedside drainage bag which makes it comfortable for the patient to shift sides without worrying about urine leakage.

Urinals and Bedpans

Urinals and Bedpans are probably the most crucial urological supplies for elderly people. Additionally, those who have recently undergone surgery or are living with limited mobility can easily use bedside urinals and bedpans and live comfortably.

Enema Supplies and Suppositors

Enema is used for flushing out the waste from the colon. It may be recommended before a medical diagnostic procedure like a colonoscopy. Common ailments like constipation, fatigue, headaches, backaches may be relieved by an enema. Enema supplies and suppositories are quintessential for many individuals, especially patients requiring bowel care.

Where can I buy Urological Supplies and Catheter Supplies Online?

We at Health Products For You provide all the abovementioned catheter supplies and many other types of medical supplies to our customers. Along with the top quality products, we also offer several discounts and quick delivery to your doorstep. Our catalogue consists of products that are keenly designed to fit your needs, these products are manufactured by leading names like Medline Industries, Bard Inc, Covidien, and Mckesson to name a few.

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