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What is an Ostomy Pouch?

An ostomy pouch is a special waterproof bag used to collect the waste expelled from the digestive or urinary system. Those who have had any of the three ostomy surgeries, including colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy, may need to use an ostomy pouch either temporarily or permanently. Ostomy surgery is a life-saving procedure that may be necessary due to cancer, birth defects, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, abdominal or pelvic trauma, and many other medical conditions.

After ostomy surgery, the bodily waste drains through the stoma in the abdomen and into the ostomy pouch. To prevent stool, urine, or gas from leaking out, one must wear the proper ostomy pouch over the stoma. HPFY offers a vast selection of ostomy pouches for people who have undergone ostomy surgery. Choose an ostomy bag that addresses your specific needs and helps achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle from top manufacturers like Coloplast, Hollister, Nu-Hope, etc.

Types of Ostomy Bags

Colostomy Bags

In a colostomy procedure, a part of the large intestine (colon) is redirected through the abdominal wall to form a stoma which is normally located on the lower left side of the stomach. The purpose is to allow the stool to bypass a damaged or diseased part of the colon. A temporary colostomy procedure is performed when a part of the colon needs to heal from surgery or injury, and other times the colostomy is permanent.

Because the colostomy output is primarily firm and formed, a closed-end ostomy pouch is used. Depending on the frequency, the closed pouch can be replaced a couple of times per day. The consistency of the output depends on where the stoma is located. The further along the colon is positioned, the firmer the waste leaving the stoma will be. If your discharge is more liquid, you may wear a drainable ostomy pouch.

Ileostomy Bags

An ileostomy is performed to divert the small intestine (ileum) through a stoma in the stomach. It is typically located on the right side of the abdomen. In an ileostomy, a section of the small intestine and large intestine are removed or bypassed. Ileostomy procedures can be temporary or permanent. Ileostomy output is liquid and pasty in consistency and needs to be discarded regularly throughout the day. Most ostomates prefer a drainable ostomy pouch for their everyday activities.

Urostomy Bags

In a urostomy procedure, an opening is created in the abdominal wall to divert urine from the ureters. A short segment of the ileum (small intestine) is used as a pipeline for urine to drain out of the body. It is done if the bladder has been removed or bypassed for healing. The urostomy output is urine and possibly some mucus. So, a drainable pouch is preferred for people with a urostomy.

How to choose the right Ostomy Pouch?

Ostomy bags come in a wide variety of sizes and features like one-piece or two-piece, pre-cut or cut-to-fit, flat or convex, closed or drainable pouch, etc. It is necessary to select a pouch depending on the type of ostomy surgery you had, the type of activities you perform in your everyday life, stoma output, and your preferences. Choosing the right ostomy bag will help you stay comfortable and lead a fulfilling life. One can use different types of ostomy bags to suit various activities. You might want to try different types of ostomy pouches first before deciding which one works for you. Following are some of the options that you can choose from.

One-Piece Ostomy Pouches vs. Two-Piece Ostomy Pouches

In a one-piece ostomy system, the ostomy pouch and skin barrier are joined together, making it necessary to change the entire system with every replacement. A one-piece ostomy bag is more discreet and ideal for people who are active and play sports. There is no risk of the skin barrier coming apart, which might help one feel more confident and secure wearing it. Some people may experience skin irritation due to frequent appliance changes.

In a two-piece ostomy system, the ostomy pouch and the skin barrier are separate. These ostomy bags are gentler on the skin as the skin wafer can be used for up to 3-4 days. This pouching system gives more flexibility because you can use bags matching your activity. You might want a smaller bag for swimming or for intimate moments and a larger pouch for work

or sleep. The 2-piece ostomy bag is slightly bulkier, and some people may feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Drainable or Closed-End Ostomy Pouches

A drainable ostomy bag has an opening at the bottom that allows you to empty the contents of the bag and reuse it. After emptying the pouch into the toilet, it can be resealed with a clip or Velcro closure. One-piece pouches should be changed every 2-3 days, depending on your use and preference. Two-piece bags can be replaced when necessary. For those with ileostomies or whose stool is loose and pasty, drainable pouches are a better choice.

Closed-end ostomy pouches are meant for one-time use only and should be discarded once the pouch is full. These bags are ideal for solid and formed stool. Closed-end bags can be used every day or at certain times like before swimming or intimate activities.

Pre-Cut or Cut-To-Fit Ostomy Pouches

The skin wafer must fit snugly around the stoma to minimize leaks and skin damage. A pre-cut skin barrier is already cut to the size of the stoma. It is easy to apply and takes less time. A pre-cut ostomy bag is the best choice if the stoma is fully healed and evenly round shape. A cut-to-fit barrier needs cutting the skin barrier to match the stoma's size before it is applied to the body. A cut-to-fit ostomy pouch is a safer option to avoid leakage and skin irritation since the skin barrier is specifically measured and cut to your stoma size and shape.

Flat or Convex Ostomy Pouches

Most of the ostomy pouch flanges are flat. The flat ostomy pouches have a flat adhesive backing that allows the bag to be in a fixed position with little protrusion. Flat appliances are more discreet.

Convex ostomy pouches have a back that protrudes out to help accommodate flush stomas and better adapt to skin folds, creases, and surgical scars. The convexity helps create a more secure seal between the pouching system and the skin.

Pediatric Ostomy Pouches

Pediatric ostomy bags are smaller in size and extremely discreet. They are made for infants or children. However, they might be used by adults who prefer the discreetness of a smaller pouch. Since they have a small capacity, they will need to be emptied more often.

Where to buy Ostomy Bags online?

Health Products For You offers a vast selection of ostomy products to help people living with ostomy lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. We carry ostomy bags from top manufacturers such as Convatec, Cymed, Marlen, etc. Shop now and earn reward dollars that you can use on your next purchase. Place your order today!

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