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Casting Tape - Orthopedic Casting Tape | Fiberglass Cast Tape

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What is Casting Tape?

Casting tape is used to immobilize an injured or fractured limb. It secures a broken bone in place for a period until healing is confirmed. Moreover, there are mainly two types of casts: plaster and fiberglass. Essentially, fiberglass casting was developed in the early '90s as an alternative to a plaster cast.

These tapes are strong, stretchable, durable, and conformable, making them ideal for most orthopedic applications. Fiberglass provides rigid immobilization to the fracture, and most medical professionals choose fiberglass over other materials. Because of fewer breakdowns, this cast tape won't need to be replaced as often. Cast protectors help increase the shelf life of these tapes.

Key Features of Orthopedic Casting Tape are:

CNF Medical Fiberglass Cast Tape and McKesson Fiberglass Cast Tape ensure great conformability, molding, and lamination. They are extremely durable and have tremendous strength due to the specially treated material.

Buying Guide: What are the important points to look for in a Therapeutic Casting Tape?


Casting tape that stretches in multiple directions offers more conformability. This makes it easier for the medical professionals who apply it and the patient who wears the cast. Conformability is a must for awkwardly angled areas like elbows and ankles.


Timing is key when applying the orthopedic cast tape. The tape should remain wet long enough to form the cast but not too long so that it does not dry up soon after you are finished with the casting. One must look for casting tape that activates quickly in water to apply the whole roll at once. Water-activated resin lets the user control working time according to application needs.

Strength & Durability

The casting tape should be strong enough to immobilize and protect an injured limb. It would be best to look for a cast of tape that sets quickly so that it is ready to bear weight within minutes after application. It helps the patient have a fully functional and durable cast before they leave the facility. High and early strength allows for weight-bearing within 20 minutes and facilitates the user with a durable cast that has a lesser chance of breakdown and the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Where to buy Orthopedic Casting Tape online?

Health Products For You offers a wide range of lightweight, strong, and durable tapes for sprains that offer the required stability at the injured site while allowing the rest of the limb to function as normally as possible. These tapes are from well-known manufacturers like McKesson, 3M, Ossur/Royce Medical, and many more.

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