Non-Slip Products

Non-Slip Products like mats and netting are used in a variety of tasks in kitchen and around the house. They hold objects like plates, mixing bowls, glasses, office equipments, etc. in place and allow for one-handed operations. Non-slip products are ideal for people with arthritis, poor grip and other disabilities. They add extra security to slippery areas and keep items firmly in place on flat surfaces. Health Products For You offers non slip sheet material from various top-selling manufacturers like Dycem Ltd, Jaeco Orthopedic, Patterson Medical, Skil Care Corporation, etc., to provide a safe and secure platform to users and prevent risks of accidents.

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Applications of Non-Slip Products

  • Under the cutting boards to prevent the risks of slipping while the user cuts vegetables and fruits 
  • Non slip mats for disabled can be put over trolley shelves to prevent things from falling off 
  • Inside drawers to prevent items from moving around while opening or closing 
  • Under the mixers or blenders, which often move over the counter while in use 
  • Under mixing bowls and pans to keep them in place 
  • Work as an emergency drying rack for extra dishes 
  • Underneath pizza or chapatti board 
  • Over kitchen worktop to provide stability while cooking