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What is Undercast Padding?

Padding is the second layer of the cast application. The cast is an orthopedic device that helps immobilize the injured limb until it fully heals. A stockinette is placed around the area where the cast covers the cast.

A layer of padding made of cotton or other soft material is placed over the cast stockinette's top to protect the skin further. The padding also provides adjustable pressure to promote healing.

Cast padding acts as a cushion between the limb and the hard outer shell of the orthopedic cast and prevents skin damage due to friction. It helps prevent sharp indentations or skin irritations caused due to the compression effect of the cast. Moreover, it minimizes dimensional changes leading to the movement of padding under the cast. The user can use these paddings under all types of casting material. Cast padding is designed to conform to the shape of the body and contour joints, allowing easy body movements.

Normally, they are made from water-resistant material to minimize skin contact with moisture to protect the skin and promote healing. The self-adhesive property of the padding facilitates easy and crease-free application with no slippage.

Undercast padding is generally used in hospitals and health care centers for orthopedic purposes under the cast to prevent irritation and infection and facilitate the healing process of fractures or other injuries. It is available in different materials and various sizes, in a roll form for easy application. Covidien Kendall Webril Padding which is manufactured with 100% cotton and Medline Wytex Undercast Padding are our top-selling products.

Features of Orthopedic Undercast Padding

  • Easy application 
  • Gives excellent skin tolerance 
  • Prevents sores and irritation due to pressure points inside the cast 
  • Perfectly conforms to the body contours for a more comfortable fit 
  • Acts as a cushion between the skin and the cast 
  • Prevents skin maceration 
  • Allows normal breathing of the skin 
  • Retains fullness even with long-term wear 
  • Air-permeable 
  • Holds padding in place without shifting 
  • Latex-free 
  • Helps form a smooth surface without any creases 
  • Processed to minimize bulk 
  • Minimizes cast odor 
  • Absorbs moisture and exudate 
  • Padding can be sterilized for theatre use 
  • 100% surgical grade

Where can I buy Cotton Cast Padding online?

Health Products For You offers a wide range of undercast padding, the essential thing during cast application. These products are from esteemed vendors like McKesson, Covidien/Medtronic, Medline Industries, BSN Medical, and many more. They are made up of high-quality cotton fibers to provide a soothing environment under the hard cast.