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Bathroom Aids at HPFY

Many everyday activities can be troublesome for the elderly, disabled, people with limited motion, bariatric patients, and people recovering from diseases; bathing is one of them. Bathrooms can be a rather dangerous place in the house, especially for seniors and the disabled, as most accidents and injuries occur there. With the right kind of bathroom safety accessories and bathing aids, bathing would no longer be risky. Rather it would be a soothing experience for them, just like for every normal person.

At Health Products For You, you will find a comprehensive collection of bathing aids that help getting in and out of the bath while ensuring utmost patient safety. They are reliable and long-lasting, and good value for money. We offer bath boards, bath brushes, chair bases, bath cushions and pillows, bath kits and mitts, sponges and bathtubs, bath steps with modular design, and rubberized feet to help in fall prevention. If you are looking for more bath aid items, we have a wide range of scrubbers, safety treads/strips, foot lifters, shelves, storage bags, toe washers, and soap dishes. Those looking for bathing aids for people with Arthritis or pediatric items can check out the wrap-around bath support for children, providing improved seating posture.

Top Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly

Long-handled washing aids

Long-handled washing aids are designed to help people who have flexibility and mobility issues. They assist them in washing hard-to-reach places like the back, hair, and feet and reducing the need to bend or stretch. Long-handled washing aids include back sponges, hair wash brushes, and foot brushes. These aids offer freedom and independence to those who have a limited range of motion. A long-handled back sponge is a great tool for people who have difficulty reaching over their shoulders. Essential Medical Lotion EZE Long Handle Lotion Applicator helps in applying lotions and creams in hard-to-reach areas. The Complete Medical I Got Your Back Sponge and Etac Long Handle Back Scrubber are great products.

Bath board

Bath boards provide a stable surface to sit on when bathing. Some also have handles to enable you to get in and out of the bath. Older people and disabled individuals find these tools very helpful. These boards can also be useful for placing toiletries. Bath boards have a non-slip surface and come in a variety of sizes and surface types. Some boards come with adjustable width and height. The Carex Portable Bath Bench or Board has a contoured surface to sit on.

Bath mats

Bath mats ensure safety and security to the elderly and disabled people by providing a slip-proof surface in the bath. It helps in preventing accidental falls and injuries by soaking up water from the floor. An anti-slip bath mat is an essential accessory in a bathroom. The bath mat adheres to the floor, provides a strong grip, and does not shift or slide when you step on or off. Bath mats are used both inside and outside the bathtub or shower. There is no risk of fungal infection to the feet as these mats are mildew and mold resistant. We have a huge range of anti-slip bath mats such as the Drive Bath Mat, Essential Medical Deluxe Shower Mat, Graham-Field Lumex Sure-Safe Bath Mat, and many more.

Bathroom scale

Bathroom scales are kept in the bathroom for weighing. The person stands on it, and the LED displays the weight. The scale will turn on automatically once the person steps on it and shuts off once the person steps off. The Escali Solar Powered Bamboo Bathroom Scale is an ideal bathroom scale.

Bath seats

Bath seats are designed for people who have difficulty lowering themselves into the bathtub. The bath seat is placed inside the bath and held in place by non-slip feet or suction cups. They are made in a variety of materials, sizes, and forms. The sturdiness of the bath seat gives maximum support to older people and people with limited mobility when they are in a bath or shower. The Danmar Liner Cushion For Feeder Seats and Bath Chair provides easy transfer in and out of the bathtub.

Bath step

A bath step is a simple tool that assists you in getting in and out of the bath. It provides a stable platform to people who find it difficult to climb over the bathtub side. The Jobar 2.0 Bath Steps has an extra-large platform to get in and out of the bathtub with ease.

Bathing cushion

The bathing cushion lowers the user into the bath, then raises them back up to get out when they are finished. A bath cushion is ideal for those who struggle to get in and out of the bath. Now they can have a relaxing and comfortable bathing experience without much assistance from the caregiver. 

Where to Buy Bathroom Assistive Devices for Elderly Online?

At Health Products For You, we have a huge range of bath aids from top manufacturers such as the Drive Medical, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Vive Health, Essential Medical, and many more.

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