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Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Account or FSA is a pre-tax employee benefit account that allows you to pay your eligible health care expenses that are not covered by the insurance.

FSA Eligible Health Care Products

Health Products For You offers the largest selection of FSA eligible health care products and medical supplies you could easily buy with your unspent FSA dollars. Just pull up your FSA plan and browse through our list of FSA eligible items covered by your flexible spending account. You will be surprised how easy it is to spend every bit of FSA money on essential health care products and medical supplies for you and your family. While all the products marked with FSA approved symbol are FSA eligible, HPFY does not take responsibility of the employer specific restrictions that your plan may have. It is recommended to check the eligibility requirements under your FSA plan. *Exclusions Apply.

FSA Qualified Healthcare Categories


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Popular FSA Eligible Items for 2024

Shop Online with FSA Card - Medical Supplies and Home Health care Products

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a benefit plan established by the employer to help employees pay for their and their family’s medical expenses. The FSA money is deducted from pre-tax salary of employee’s paycheck to cover the cost of certain medical supplies and health care expenses under employer sponsored FSA. It is a good idea to contribute to your FSA to lower your taxable income and save money on medical supplies at the same time. At healthproductsforyou.com, we offer best prices, discount coupons, and loads of amazing offers to help our customers get the medical supplies and health products covered under their FSA plan. You can shop with your FSA Debit card and submit receipts to your healthcare administrators for reimbursement.

HPFY Stores Accept FSA Card for Payment

FSA Benefits

  • • Save your federal income tax dollars
  • • Tax free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses
  • • Ability to withdraw funds from the FSA account to pay for medical supplies even if you haven’t yet placed the funds in the FSA account
  • • Year round medical supplies and health care essentials for you and your family

Qualifying for Health Care FSA Reimbursement

Qualifying for Health Care FSA Reimbursement To qualify for Health FSA, you must be registered with your employer. Self employed people and free lancers are not eligible for FSAs. Since Health FSAs are employer-established benefit plans, employers have the flexibility to offer various combinations of benefits and place certain restrictions when they set their plan. Check with your employer for complete details of the FSA plan.

FSA Eligible Expenses On Healthcare Products

Healthproductsforyou.com marks the qualified items under FSA, based on the eligibility requirements of the IRS guidelines. If you use an FSA debit card to purchase FSA items at HPFY, only those items that meet the eligibility requirements are debited from your FSA. You can pay for non-eligible items with another form of payment like credit cards, debit cards, paypal or check.

Frequently asked questions

Flexible Spending Account or FSA is a pre-tax employee benefit account that allows you to pay your eligible health care expenses that are not covered by the insurance.

An employer provides an FSA plan to their employees under which a portion of their income is deducted prior to the payroll taxes and put into an account called FSA account. This pre tax money can be used to pay for their health care costs that are not covered by the insurance.

The FSA money is tax free. Putting money in the FSA account and then spending it on medical-related expenses for you and your family is the best way to save tax dollars.

The FSA symbol on a product page denotes that the product is FSA eligible. A wide range of products across multiple categories are marked with the FSA symbol on HPFY website to let the customers know that the product can be purchased using their FSA plan.

Following are some FSA eligible expenses which allow you to spend your FSA dollars: • Over-the-counter drugs • Doctors visit co-pays • Co-insurance • Health plan deductible • Eligible vision care costs, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, exams, and laser eye surgery • Eligible dental care costs, including X-rays, exams, and cleanings.

Flexible spending account money is spent by using paper claim forms or through the utilization of the FSA debit card that is also referred to as Flexcard.

FSA lasts for a year or till the time when the coverage ends, that is the end of the employment. The last date to spend FSA money is 31st December. The receipts of the same can be submitted to the employer by 15th March. It is best to contact your HR department to know the details.

Following expenses are not covered under a health FSA: • Insurance premiums • Family or marriage counselling • Prescription drug imported from another country • Personal use items like toothpaste, shaving cream • Herbs, vitamins, and general health supplements • Hot and cold therapy products • First aid kits /medicine cabinet/ pill dispensers • Blood pressure monitors/ cholesterol test kits/ diabetic monitors, test kits, strips, and supplies.

HPFY accepts FSA debit cards. In case you do not have FSA debit card, you can still do FSA shopping online with HPFY using your other credit cards, debit cards, paypal account, and via check. You can later submit all the receipt to FSA administrator for reimbursement.