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Bidets are plumbing fixtures or similar devices used for washing genitals, inner buttocks and anus after using bathroom. They are suitable for use by both men and women. Toilet paper often leaves the skin unclean and some residue remains on the skin. Bidets help in removing any residue left on the skin, so that the user feels clean, hygienic and refreshed. Some bathroom bidets provide warm water for easy cleaning, some are themselves hand held or portable for ease of use. Some bidet washers also offer warm air dry option once the user has finished rinsing. On and all, bathroom bidets are an aid for better personal hygiene, improved skincare and more comfortable use. At HPFY, there are bathroom bidets from popular manufacturers like Brondell INCBBC InnovationBig John Products, etc.

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Types of Bidets

Bathroom Bidets come in a wide variety with specific features to satisfy individual customer needs. One can choose amongst these, depending on his/her personal needs. Toilet seat bidets attach to the toilet seat and save space. Hand bidets work like a sprayer. For people-on-the-go, portable bidets are suitable as they can be carried anywhere. Electric bidets provide the user with advanced features like warm-water cleansing, warm-air dry, etc.

Bidet Toilet Seats

When there is a lack of space in the bathroom and traditional full-sized bidets cannot be installed, bidet toilet seats work best. For all those people who are short of space, advances in bidet technology have proved to be a boon. Toilet-seat bidets easily attach to the commode by replacing the existing toilet seat. They improve the overall hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom.

Non-Electric Bidets

Non electric bidets need manual operations but offer effective cleaning just like electric bidets. Bidet toilet seats with non-electric operation will usually fit to any toilet underneath the toilet seat.

Electric Bidets

Electric bidets are convenient and easier to use, especially for people with limited mobility. There is generally a remote control panel that can be used by both left and right handed individuals. Electric bidets will fit on most toilet models. Warm water wash option provides for both front and rear cleaning. Heated seat feature ensures a warm welcoming seat and warm air dryer can be used to dry the skin after rinsing. Many models of electric bidets provide fully adjustable nozzles that can have numerous positions.

Handheld Bidets

Handheld bidet spray for toilet is a simple and very effective cleaning device. It’s simplicity of use has made it popular all around the world for cleaning genital and anal areas. It is a hose with a spray at one end and is connected to the water supply of the toilet. Bidet hose spray is convenient and very easy to install. Unlike other bidets user has much more control over the spray but positioning with precision sometimes gets difficult. Handheld bidet may not be as luxurious as electric bidet but its cleaning is very effective.

Portable Bidets

Sometimes there occur awful situations when the user is away from home and has to use a traditional toilet. For “paper-free”toilet hygiene while travelling, portable bidets can stand up to the user expectations. Put them into a purse or a briefcase, and they are ready to be taken anywhere. Portable bidets are small water bottle-type devices with a spout. They are equally popular for both domestic use and travelling abroad.

Why you should use a Bidet?

Using a dry toilet paper for cleaning the skin can be harsh and may result in skin irritation or rashes. Some rectal and anal conditions can also make using toilet paper difficult and painful. In addition, toilet paper leaves some residue after using and does not clean properly. Bidet for bathroom is known to provide soothing, more comfortable and pain-free cleaning. It gives relief from many conditions and may sometimes help to treat the condition and prevent the symptoms from occurring. Bathroom bidets can be helpful in the conditions like hemorrhoids, anal fissure, rectal prolapse, anal itching, anal fistula, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease and ostomy. Also, they prevent clogs and reduce plumbing problems caused by using tissue papers.

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