Strength Training Equipment

Strength training helps you to reduce body weight, increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories effectively. It is the key component of fitness programs. When you age lean muscle mass in your body decreases and fat percentage increases if you don’t work out. Strength training helps you to manage your lean muscle mass regardless of your age. At HPFY we have a range of strength training equipment to keep you fit and active, help in burning extra calories, manage weight and maintain a great posture.

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Benefits of Strength Training

  • Bone Strengthening: Strength training stresses your bones increasing the bone density and reducing chances of osteoporosis. 

  • Weight Management: With strength training your metabolism enhances. Burning calories becomes easier and you can manage your weight easily. 

  • Improved Quality of Life: Muscle building allows your body to balance in a better way reducing the risk of falls. It enhances your ability to do things in a better way. 

  • Managing Chronic Health Conditions: Health problems like arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression and diabetes can be managed easily with strength training.

We have a range of dumbbells for weight training, weights that help in strengthening the wrist and ankle, weight plates for weight training, resistance tubings and bands for resistance training and pulley suspension systems. Also we have Storage racks to store your strength training equipment in a safe manner and protect them from wearing out early due to improper care. Miscellaneous cable attachments fix with balance training, strength training and weight training equipment to get the best outcome. Buy strength training equipment from top manufacturers including Fabrication Enterprises, Nz Manufacturing, Bodysport, Prepak Products and many more at best prices and attractive discounts at HPFY! Browse our extensive range and be sure to find all that you desire at a fair deal.