Coloplast Sensura Two-Piece

Coloplst SenSura two-piece ostomy pouches are designed with a mechanical coupling technology for that extra bit of security that everyone desires. These systems are ideal for active ostomates with a greater level of activity. Pouches are designed to conform to the body and remain discreet. The pouch is connected to the barrier with mechanical coupling system i.e. you will hear a click sound when the pouch locks with the barrier. Before the pouch can is locked it can be rotated in any position to attain the best and the most comfortable position. The pouch can be removed separately without the need of changing the barrier that frequently. Sensura pouches are available in standard wear, extended wear, precut or cut-to-fit types. Pouches also come in transparent and opaque forms and are based on color coded coupling system. A barrier with a coupling size of red color can be attached to the red pouch only.

HPFY carries the entire range of coloplast SenSura products including popular pouching products like Coloplast SenSura Mio Click EasiClose WIDE Two-Piece Opaque Drainable Pouch With Inspection Window or the Coloplast SenSura Mio Click Two-Piece Maxi Transparent Drainable Pouch etc. and barriers like Coloplast Sensura Click Two-Piece Flat Standard Cut-To-Fit Skin Barrier With Belt Tabs and many more products at attractive prices. Buy today to avail the discounts and save big!

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Features of SenSura Two Piece Systems:

  • The SenSura 2-layer adhesive provides the required security and skin care
  • The Protection layer protects the delicate skin around the stoma from stoma output
  • The Skin care layer keeps the surrounding skin healthy by absorbing the extra moisture
  • The extended wear SenSura Xpro adhesive provides additional security in case of aggressive stoma output as in most cases of urostomies.
  • These pouches are comfortable and discreet. The EasiClose outlet makes it more convenient, easy and fast to empty and clean the pouch
  • The integrated filter helps in eliminating pouch odors and prevents the pouch from ballooning keeping it discreet.
  • The convex light barriers are good for difficult to manage stomas.

Some common pouch issues and their solutions:

  • Gas build up in your digestive track can lead to pouch ballooning. In order to prevent ballooning you must try to reduce the gas produced by your digestive system.
  • Chewing your food well can help reduce the levels of gas.
  • Avoid food items that you know can cause a lot of gas. Nuts, beans, fizzy drinks and wine are some of them.
  • If you experience pouch ballooning you can release the gas in the privacy of a bathroom in case of two piece systems and drainable pouches.
  • Keep track of your stoma output and change the pouch whenever required.
  • Ostomy Pouches with filters like SenSura Two Piece systems can be of great help.
  • Pancaking is another ostomy pouch problem in which a vacuum builds up inside the pouch causing the ostomy pouch walls to stick together. This stops the stoma output to drop to the bottom and may also exert pressure on your abdomen
  • Blowing air into the pouch before application can help.
  • A drop of lubricant inside the pouch can also prevent pouch pancaking.

With Coloplast ostomy pouches and accessories pouch problems can be overcome in an easy manner making your ostomy experience more comfortable and discreet so that you can be out and about!