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Nebulizer Masks

Nebulizer masks are an important share of nebulizer accessories that lets you receive the medicated mist without the need to cup your lips around a mouthpiece all the time that may be a tiring job. Masks offer a greater comfort level and lets you relax during the treatment. HPFY offers a wide range of nebulizer masks that help the elderly people who cannot otherwise cup their lips around the mouthpiece to receive medication. We also encapsulate in our range pediatric masks that come in fun animal and cartoon themes that usually calm the resistant child to take treatment. These masks are designed for children who experience difficulty in taking treatments via mouthpieces. Pediatric masks come in designs like fish mask, airial masks, dog masks and many other fun designs.

Nebulizer Masks Features

  • Masks are generally are very effective as they focus the medicated mist on both the mouth and the nose and you need not use your lips in the process to seal the medication inside. It leads to less wastage of medicine.
  • Nebulizer masks come in all sizes from infants to elderly. These masks are fabricated with smooth feathered edges for increased comfort. Also these are made of soft materials to prevent skin breakdown. Nebulizer masks are molded according to the shape of the nose and face contours to offer a great fit.
  • Since nebulizer masks allow patients to inhale the aerosol mist in via both the nose and mouth they are also helpful in treating the passageways along with the lungs. Vinyl neb masks are very cost effective and are usually connected with a tubing in the front to deliver medication.

How to use Nebulizer with a Mask?

  • Place the compressor near the power source within your reach.
  • Before starting the treatment wash your hands thoroughly. 
  • Measure the correct dose of medication as prescribed by your doctor and add it to the nebulizer. 
  • Connect air tubing from compressor to the base of the nebulizer. 
  • Make sure all connections are snug.
  • Attach a nebulizer.
  • Turn on the compressor and check the nebulizer for misting.
  • Wear the mask and start inhaling the mist in deep steady breaths.

Do not share nebulizer mask. Always remember to clean the nebulizer mask after each use. Immerse the mask into hot water for about a minute to get rid of the medication that stuck on to the surface of the mask. Not doing so can make you a soft target to many respiratory tract infections. With proper care these masks can prove beneficial to a large section of individuals undergoing respiratory therapy. Get Yours now!

Buy Pediatric Nebulizer Masks like the Respironics Sami the Seal Children Mask for Sidestream Plus Nebulizer or the Salter Aerosol Therapy Mask and many more from top brands like respironics, Salter, Drive, Cardinal Health etc. at best prices on HPFY.

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