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Marlen one piece pouching system are designed to be used for Ileostomies (drainable), Urostomies and Colostomies (closed end). Marlen is a leading innovator of products related to ostomy care since 1952. It offers a range of high quality one-piece pouching systems. Marlen one piece pouching systems provide comfort and security to the users with its unique technology. Marlen one piece ostomy systems now come with deep convex solution. They feature the unique petal design that provides a comfortable fit, is flexible and conforms to all types of abdominal contours. Marlen Ostomy pouches are designed with the State-of-the-art patent pending InteliShield barrier film that makes these pouches PCV, PVdC and plasticizer-FREE. This in turn makes these pouches free from the potential risks of traditional films.

Popular Marlen one piece products include the UltraMax, MaxPlus, UltraLite and MiniMax and many more. Marlen technology is famous among patients and medical professionals for its concept of “security by design”. The Marlen Drainable pouches are available in precut, cut to fit and XL flange.

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Features of Marlen One-Piece Ostomy systems:

  • Provides the advantages of one-piece ostomy systems
  • Disposable systems
  • Odor-proof barrier films
  • Provides added protection and security
  • Built-in comfort cover, body facing
  • Leak-proof  

Top Selling Marlen Ostomy Products:

  • UltraLite: Ultra-lite one piece ostomy system is a disposable ostomy pouch that is suitable for Ileostomies, Colostomies and Urostomies. You can choose the style, size, stoma opening and skin barrier that suits your requirement for best results. The slim and contoured design with a choice of convexity makes it the ideal pouch for all the stomas (deep, shallow or flat)
  • UltraMax: Ultra-Max one piece ostomy pouch offers maximum choice with maximum flexibility as the name suggests. Disposable, discreet and odor proof pouch material with a comforter cover allows you to be comfortable in social settings.
  • Mini-Max: Mini-Max one piece ostomy system is 30% smaller than UltraMax drainage pouch. This odor-proof and leak proof pouch adds to the sense protection and security. These pouches are available with either flat, cut-to-fit or shallow   convexity.
  • Solo: Marlen Solo One-Piece Convex Transparent Reusable Urostomy Pouch features a convex mounting ring permanently sealed to an E-Z drain pouch. This large pouch has a capacity of 20oz/600cc and stoma opening 1-1/4".

Choose from a range of Marlen ostomy products for your everyday needs. These pouches are great for use all day long as they are discreet and odor proof so nobody knows that you really are wearing an ostomy pouch. With attractive prices and discounts marlen ostomy pouches are just clicks away. Get yours now!