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What is a Yankauer?

A Yankauer suction device is a piece of oral suctioning equipment used in various procedures. One can easily find a yankauer catheter in different sizes, shapes, and materials. It is a tube-like structure with a bulbous head that allows for effective suctioning without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The device is used to remove the oral secretions that may cause aspiration. Similarly, it is also utilized to clean the operative areas during medical procedures.

The large hole of the yankauer must be covered with the thumb to initiate suction procedure. The smaller holes towards the end are used to suck the secretions when the vacuum is applied. Oral suctioning catheter or yankauer is not suitable for tracheotomies due the large size. It can be used to remove secretions if the patient is not able to remove secretions or foreign matter by coughing.

Features of Yankauers

During a medical procedure or surgery, clogging can become a problem. The cleaner the operative region, the quicker and effective the treatment. Yankauers help remove the fluid and debris via suctioning from the surgical area or the opening like the abdomen or the airway. There are plenty other features of Yankauers that make them the right choice for suction therapy, such as -

  • Smooth and clean edges with no flash or parting lines
  • Clear tips for visual monitoring of suction fluids
  • Sterile product for utmost safety from skin infections
  • Lightweight straight end handles for optimal control
  • Plastic Yankauers are for single-use to ensure hygiene
  • Causes minimal tissue trauma
  • Maximum Patient comfort
  • After washing thoroughly, stainless steel Yankauer suction catheters become fit for re-use
  • These come with control vents
  • The curve in the Yankauer ensures ease and comfort to access the region and decreases recurring stresses.

Yankauers must be avoided in case of:

  • Head and neck surgeries
  • Facial fractures
  • Loose teeth
  • Clotting disorders
  • Laryngeal/oral carcinoma
  • Severe bronchospasm
  • Stridor 
  • Restlessness/anxiety

Suctioning Guidelines for Yankauers Catheters

  • Use a new yankauer for oral suctioning each time.
  • Deciding that who needs suctioning at the initial stage and keeping supplies readily available at the bedside.
  • Use the device only up to appropriate suctioning limits 
  • Knowing the risk of applying excessive inadequate pressure.
  • Taking care of mouth sutures, sensitive tissues, and any tubes in the mouth
  • Take precautions not to stimulate the gag reflex.
  • Performing a pre- and post-respiratory assessment
  • Notify health professional immediately if any abnormal incident happens.

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