Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids are equipments that are used to perform everyday activities like wearing coats or shirts, pulling on trousers or skirts, removing socks, etc. They are ideal for those people who have limited flexibility and face difficulty in bending down or reaching their shoulders. Dressing sticks play a vital role and reduce the extent to which the user is required to stretch. They help people regain their independence and perform daily activities without any assistance. Health Products For You offers dressing aids from many popular manufacturers like Complete Medical, Fabrication Enterprises, Bodymed, Drive Medical, etc.

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Uses of Dressing Aids

Dressing aids can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Putting on and removing shirts and jackets 
  • Pulling up and pushing down slacks or skirts Pushing shoes off the feet 
  • Removing socks from the feet 
  • Pulling zippers and shoelace loops

How to use Dressing Sticks?

  • While wearing a shirt, dressing aid sticks can help in reaching behind the shoulders and getting the shirt over the arm without stretching too much. 
  • They can also be used for many other things, like while removing a shirt off from the closet, putting it back there, etc. 
  • To wear a shirt, get an appropriate dressing stick. 
  • Put in the arm from one side and pull the shirt over the respective shoulder. 
  • For people with limited flexibility, it is difficult to get the other side of the shirt. Therefore, take the dressing aid stick and push it as far as possible from behind the shoulders. 
  • Hook the other side of the shirt in the dressing stick and pull it towards the second shoulder. 
  • Once it is in the reach, grab the shirt, stick the hand in and extend it to wear the shirt completely.