HPFY Rewards Program

Your Next Purchase is More Economical Than You Think!

Free for all members

It's free!!! All members are automatically enrolled. No additional sign-up forms required.

Earn HPFY Rewards

Earn up to 10% in HPFY Rewards on every Product purchased. Rewards values vary.

HPFY Reward Calendar

HPFY Rewards accrued in the present year can be redeemed up until the last business day of the following year.

Program Guidelines

  • In order to use your reward dollars, you need to Login to your account prior to purchase.
  • Accrued HPFY Rewards balance can be applied after a valid initial purchase.
  • Check your HPFY Rewards balance anytime by logging into MY ACCOUNT and navigating to HPFY Rewards .
  • HPFY Rewards earned on an order can only be redeemed when that order has been fulfilled.
  • HPFY Rewards can't be applied to shipping fees or taxes.
  • HPFY Rewards can't be combined with additional discount / coupons.
  • Rewards accrued on cancelled or returned orders are debited from your account.
  • If an order placed with reward dollars is cancelled or returned, the redeemed HPFY Rewards are automatically credited to your account.
  • HPFY rewards accrued on each transaction can be redeemed up until 6 months from the date of the transaction.
    For Example-
    • HPFY Rewards earned on January 1st be redeemed until June 30th of the same year.
    • HPFY Rewards earned on November 2nd can be redeemed until April 2nd of next year.
  • Additional exclusions may apply.