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Often when people with active lifestyle go through an ostomy, the early experience can be bounding. The new body that they have after an ostomy can be restrictive. Ostomy belts provide the perfect solution. They are basically designed to support the ostomy devices, enhance adhesion of the devices, and provide a sense of security to the ostomate. These ostomy support belts are made from breathable materials for better comfort. They help you to continue with an active lifestyle without any restrictions due to ostomy appliances. HPFY brings to you a wide range of ostomy belts and wraps to hold the ostomy appliances in place providing a better sense of security and freedom. Browse through our top manufacturers like Nu-Hope, Safe n Simple, Coloplast, Hollister, etc.

Who needs an Ostomy Belt?

The wear time of ostomy pouching systems depend greatly upon the security of the pouching system. This in turn depends upon the construction of your stoma i.e. how it was made or how it protrudes out of the skin. It also depends on the skin around the stoma i.e. whether it is flat or with folds and creases. An ostomy belt is required in case you notice the following:

  • Premature lifting of the borders of your flange
  • Consistent leaks at an edge/crease
  • Shifts in the system with your regular activities

Benefits of using Ostomy Support Belts

  • Some individuals simply want an increased sense of security. For people who participate in active sports, and like to soak in baths or hot tubs, or heavily perspire, ostomy pouch support belts provide enhanced support. This is especially in case where users are worried about the adhesion of the appliance.

  • Ostomy pouch belts can also be worn to sleep in order to prevent accidents while tossing and turning.

  • Sometimes convex pouching systems are required due to certain stoma and skin characteristics. Ostomy bag support belts help to pull such systems towards the abdomen, thereby increasing the tension of the flange against the skin in order to flatten the skin folds. This results in better drainage into the pouch and prevention of stool leakage under the flange.

A stoma belt like the Nu-Hope Nu-Form Elastic Support Belt or the Coloplast Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt can prove to be helpful in tugging the pouching system to your abdomen reducing those unwanted lifts and leaks.

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