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Ankle stirrups are designed to stabilize and support the ankle immediately post injury and during the period of recovery. Ankle stirrups are intended to avoid the foot turning in (inversion) or turning outwards (eversion) injuries. Ankle stirrups are not as bulky and difficult to carry like other orthoses. They confirm to the ankle and also provides with a side support to provide protection to the ankle from further injuries. Ankle stirrups are used in cases of ankle injuries, chronic foot instability, ankle sprains grade I, II, and III and strains. Some ankle stirrups come with an inner lining of foam, liquid or air cells to provide relaxation and relief from swelling and edema. 

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Ankle Stirrups may also be used in case of

  • High ankle sprains

  • Sub-acute ankle sprains

  • Chronic ankle instabilities

Features of Ankle Stirrups

  • They are designed to provide support, protection and stability to injured ankles.

  • Can be used in case of both acute and chronic ankle injuries.

  • Ankle stirrups are adjustable according to the foot of the person.

  • They come with vertical side straps, swivel straps and are very easy to apply.

  • Least bulk due to lightweight design.

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