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Bathroom Safety Products at HPFY

Bath safety products are important to maintain safety in the bathroom for seniors, children, bariatric or those with a disability. Accidents in the house are likely to happen more in the bathroom than anywhere else - on wet, slippery surfaces and sharp corners. Bath safety products are designed to provide showering and toileting a safe and independent experience for such individuals. A right bath safety product will give peace of mind to the user and the caregiver. Find here bath safety products designed for elderly people, individuals with injuries or those who are paralyzed, children with limited mobility and special needs and patients in recovery.

How to Choose the Right Bath Safety Products?

Bath safety products are special bathroom equipment, and selecting one which suits your needs is important. They have to be not only extra protection but also user-friendly. Choosing these bathroom aids online is quick because the variety is wide and easier for the buyer to select from. There are different types of bath safety equipment such as:

Shower Chairs

Safety in the bathroom can be attained with shower chairs. The line-up of these bathroom aids includes bath stools for the elderly, shower benches, shower chairs, bath safety seats, commode shower chairs, mounted shower chairs, folding and padded shower chairs, and wheeled/rolling shower chairs. There are shower chairs for bariatric individuals, too, with heavy-duty construction that can bear weight from 500 lbs to 1,000 lbs. There are bath stools for the elderly and bath safety equipment for children that are attractively designed, lightweight, and equipped with safety features like anti-slip handgrips, rust-resistant tubing, and suction cups for a firm grip.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches are designed for bathroom safety and transfer users safely and comfortably without stressing them out of the bath. There are aluminum transfer bench, commode transfer bench, shower transfer bench, bariatric transfer bench, padded transfer bench, sliding transfer bench, PVC transfer bench, and folding transfer bench.

Commode Seats

The purpose behind the bathroom safety equipment is to make the toileting experience hassle-free for a patient, an elderly/frail, or bariatric individual. There are commodes with armrest, without armrest, drop arm, folding, 3-in-1 commode, bariatric commode, potty seats for children, self-powered lifting commode chair, portable commode, and more.

Raised Toilet Seats

Persons who have difficulty sitting down and getting up will find bath safety raised toilet seats really useful and something which will promote their independence. They are higher than the toilet's normal seat and provide an option of securely locking on to the existing toilet seat. There are raised toilet seats with handles, without handles, and with arms, and some of them can withstand a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs.


Bathroom aids include bidets which are important for personal hygiene. These bidets can be operated independently and easily attach to the toilet for a refreshing cleaning. Front and rear warm water effortless cleansing are available at a suitable temperature with a remote button's flick.

Grab Bars

Bath safety grab bars are for those who find it difficult standing up or sitting down in the bathtub or commode. Once affixed to the bathtub or wall, the bathtub safety bars provide the user a firm, secure grasp and making showering and toileting an independent effort. There are different types of grab bars such as knurled grab bars, curved grab bars, Drive Clamp On Tub Grab Bar, grab bars attached to the wall, suction cup grab bars and more.

Bath Lifts

Bath safety lifts have been designed to allow for safe transfer of the patient in and out of the bathtub. They have adjustable side back flaps for more stability and support for the upper body. Transfers with these bath lifts mean no strain on the knees, hips or shoulders.

Bath Aids

Reliable and secure, bath aids make life easy for those who need help in the bathroom. There are bath boards, bath brush, chair base, bath cushions and pillows, toe washers, storage bags, bath kits and mitts, sponges and bath steps to prevent slipping. Wrap-around bath support for children and adults alike provide extra support and improved seating posture in a bathtub.

How do Bath Safety Aids help prevent falls?

Bath safety aids have been designed to promote patient safety and prevent falls. Bathrooms can be dangerous for individuals who are not independent and need assistance when bathing or toileting. The wet, slippery bathroom floors and sharp corners of bathroom shelves and cabinets, etc., can prove a real hazard for adults and children alike. The purpose behind creating bathroom safety equipment is to offer independence in the bathroom to patients and persons with disabilities. Bath safety products enable them to conduct their hygienic needs by themselves without depending on others for assistance and without worrying about accidents.

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