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Buying swimwear that flatters your body can be difficult especially after a mastectomy. Wired swimsuit are especially not recommended for those with a mastectomy. HPFY offers a range of post mastectomy swim suits and swim forms to be used along with these swim suits for your delicate body and fragile skin post-surgery. These swimsuits come with hidden pockets to carry swim forms for a flattering look. Buy Mastectomy swimwear from top manufacturers like Anita, Nearly Me, Trulife, American Breast Care and many more and be assured to get the fit and comfort you require at HPFY.

Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Special features of post mastectomy swimwear include:  

  • A neckline that provides full coverage for scar tissue and a secure fit.  
  • They hold Swim breast forms safely while swimming.
  • Special fabrics and tailored design of these swimwear blend in with the breast forms.
  • Individual adjustment with the help of individual straps.  
  • High cut armhole.
  • Popular buy - Amoena Ayon Half Bodice Swimsuit

Swim Breast Forms

  • Swim breast forms are lightweight and designed for swimming.
  • Some Swim forms made up of clear silicone which is water-resistant and dries fast.  
  • The all new versatile shape provides great outline.   
  • Can be placed inside the swimsuit pocket permanently.  
  • Upto 30% lighter than other breast prosthesis.
  • Can be used with a range of mastectomy swimwear.
  • Popular Buy - ABC 931 Triangle Swim Breast Form

Mastectomies usually leave women self-conscious about their shape, swimwear for mastectomy are designed to make you look your best at the pool or beach. Swim suits provide you with superior performance, innovative design, and a great deal of confidence. Mastectomy Swimwear line is characterized by colorful patterns, fashionable cuts and smart accessories to give a boost to your feminity. If you are looking for post mastectomy swim wear with soft materials and adequate coverage, you are in the right place.