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Fitness plays a very important role in your life. People who are fit, physically and mentally, are less susceptible to chronic health conditions. Cardiac and other health issues are seen lesser in healthy people with an optimum body weight. Physically active individuals also have a relaxed state of mind. Small lifestyle changes can produce great results over time. Avoiding junk food, fizzy drinks, smoking, alcohol help in detoxifying your body and thereby contribute to physical fitness. Incorporating some time for physical exercise is also necessary. At HPFY we have a wide variety of products that will help in keeping you physically fit and active.

Types of Fitness Products

  • Exercise Balls: Exercise balls come in various shapes, sizes and styles. These balls can be used for a wide range of exercises and body massage. Balls also help in vestibular exercises or hand grip strengthening.  

  • Exercise Mats: These mats help in performing various floor based exercises. They have a firm grip to the ground and helps in resisting falls and slips during exercise. 

  • Yoga and Pilates: We have a wide range of accessories to boost up your yoga or Pilates session including yoga mats, Pilates mats, Pilates ring, yoga wedges and blocks, yoga mat bags, yoga straps and much more.  

  • Jump Ropes and Agility: Jumping is a great form of exercise that involves many large muscle groups in the body. We have a range of jump ropes that make exercising fun. We also have agility ladder, training ropes, weighted hurdles and much more. 

  • Rebounders: These are small trampolines that help in a variety of jumping exercises. Rebounders must be used only by a single person at a time. If used otherwise it can cause injuries to people involved.

We also have a variety of stretching products that help you with stretching exercises in an easy and controlled manner so that you don’t overstretch your muscles. Try fitness products from beast manufacturers including AGM Group, Flaghouse, Fabrication Enterprises and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!