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Dressing and Grooming Aids assist people with arthritis or limited mobility to dress independently. These every-day dressing aids allow users to get dressed up painlessly without any help of a caregiver or family member. They promote user independence as only minimum efforts are required to perform daily tasks. Health Products For You provides a vast assortment of dressing and grooming aids including dressing sticks, shoehorns, hair grooming aids, zipper/button aids, hip kits and, shoelaces and fasteners.

HPFY offers such dressing and grooming aids from recognized manufacturers like Complete Medical Supplies, North Coast Medical, Essential Medical, Fabrication Enterprises and many more!

For people with limited hand movement and dexterity, dressing sticks help in wearing and removing the clothes. Zipper and button aids help with zips and buttons. Zipping and unzipping, and buttoning and unbuttoning become easy with their use. Shoehorns allow the users to put on the shoes comfortably. Uniquely designed shoelaces and fasteners make lacing and unlacing the shoes easy. Hair grooming aids make hair care an easy task to perform. Hip kits include all the necessary items like shoehorn, dressing stick, reacher, sock aid, etc., which are required to perform daily tasks by people with hip or knee surgeries.

Types of Dressing and Grooming Aids

Dressing Aids/Sticks

Dressing sticks are used to perform tasks like bringing clothes around, dropping them off the shoulders, pushing down trousers, pulling up zips, etc. They are usually constructed of a plastic or wooden handle with a hook at the end.

Hair Grooming Aids

Hair grooming aids include a range of widely spaced hairbrushes, hair dryers, hair setters, etc. that makes hair care an easy task. They are very helpful to people who have limited grasp.


Shoehorns help in putting on shoes. Some of the shoehorns have extra long handles to reduce the amount of bending and stretching required.

Shoelaces and Fasteners

These shoelaces and fasteners are especially designed for people with gripping difficulties, cognitive deficiencies and limited dexterity. They make lacing and unlacing of shoes very easy and effortless.

Zipper/Button Aid

Zipper and button aids help in dealing with buttons and zips. They are ideal for people with limited strength in hands or who can use only one hand. Button aids are usually designed with a thick handle and a wire loop to button up the clothes quickly. Zipper aids can be useful if the user has difficulty reaching or gripping a zip.

Hip Kits

Hip kits are designed especially for people with reduced reaching abilities. They help anyone recovering from knee and hip surgeries. Hip kits generally contain an assortment of commonly used items like dressing stick, reacher, sock aid, shoehorn and sponge.