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Medical Adhesives and adhesive removers can be used to attach and remove ostomy appliances or external catheters to and from the body. HPFY brings to you a range of latex-free or latex, non-irritating adhesives for skin along with adhesive removers. Medical Grade Adhesives come in brush-on liquid type or in aerosol form. Adhesive removers are available in the form of wipes or sprays that aid in increasing the wear time of the appliance by efficiently removing residues. Choose from our range of bonding agents and removers from quality makers in the industry including Torbot, Nu-Hope , Hollister Incorporated, Urocare and Atos Medical.

Types of Adhesives and Adhesive Removers:

Medical Adhesives: Medical adhesives are used to attach medical devices like ostomy appliances, catheters, respiratory devices, needles and syringes, tube sets, oxygenators etc. Medical grade adhesives form high-strength, clear bonds to medical plastics, metal and glass. "HPFY carries a wide range of adhesives that potray different bonding techniques when applied to various substrates, and also need varied modes of application. Commonly used adhesives in the medical field include pressure sensitive, dissolvable, and electrical conductive adhesives.

Liquid Adhesives: Liquid adhesives are mostly used with Two-Piece Ostomy Pouches where ostomy wafer sticks to the liquid adhesive to form a bond to the skin surrounding the stoma. Liquid adhesives like Montreal Osto-Bond Skin Bond Medical Latex Adhesive bond quickly and may contain zinc oxide that prevents skin irritation. 

Ostomy Paste: Ostomy Paste is required to fill uneven skin texture and provide an even surface to attach ostomy appliances thereby protecting the surrounding skin and provides for a longer wear time. Ostomy pastes like the Torbot Liquid Bonding Cement also minimizes Irritation and pouch leaks.  

Adhesive Tape Disc: Adhesive tape discs comes with adhesive on both the sides for fixing traditional pouches and mounting round ostomy appliances to the body. For ex. Marlen Double Faced Adhesive Tape Disc with pre-cut stoma openings.

Adhesive Removers: People using devices like drainage tubes, external catheters, and ostomy pouches may also require adhesive removers. They come in the form of wipes and sprays and help to remove any residue from the skin that may reduce the effectiveness and longevity of skin adhesives thereby increasing the wear time of appliances. Buy protective barrier wipes and sprays like Hollister Adapt Medical Adhesive Spray or Coloplast Brava Adhesive Remover Wipes and a lot more at Health Products For You.

Adhesives are used for medical purposes commonly in surgical procedures and appliance bonding. Medical adhesives encompass a wide range of fabrication materials, typically formulated with synthetic or biological formulations. Ostomy appliance application and removal largely depends upon the adhesive and the adhesive removers. These products are available in convenient to use packaging so that everyday tasks become easier for you. Browse our extensive catalog to find the product that you require.