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Our hands may be affected by problems like strain, sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, traumatic fractures, arthritis, neurological problems etc. Hand therapy helps in rehabilitation of our hands, fingers and wrist that are affected by the above mentioned problems. Physical therapy an occupational therapy are combined for rehabilitation purpose. Hand therapy aims to re-establish the lost hand strength and restore as much hand function as possible to carry out daily activities and improve independence with quality of life. At HPFY we have an array of hand rehabilitation products that will help you restore the flexibility and strength of your hands.

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Hand Therapy Exercise Equipment Types and their Uses

Hand therapy exercise equipment are used in medical facilities, physiotherapy centers, homes, gyms etc. for a variety of applications like burns, sports injuries, amputations of fingers, arthritis, fractures, stroke etc. Hand therapy may be undertaken right after surgery to regain the lost motion and prevent joint stiffness.  

The intensity of exercise depends upon the extent of the injury. At HPFY we have a variety of hand therapy equipment including hand exercisers, ROM exercisers, skates, and therapy putty. Hand exercisers include hand grips that basically consist of a lever that must be squeezed to increase hand strength. It is also used in health centers for improving hand grip strength and muscle build up. Hand grips also help in improving the dexterity. Hand therapy ball and therapy putty is used by people with disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and similar problems to keep the blood rotation going in the wrist and reduce symptoms like numbness and tingling in the hand due to the disease. Choose from a variety of hand therapy equipment including devices like grips, balls, bands, pinch exercisers, arm skates, therapy putty, foam blocks, thumb exercisers, hand exercisers and much more for treatment of hand injuries and disorders. Buy products from top manufacturers including Fabrication Enterprises, North Coast Medical, Skil Care Corp, Complete Medical Supplies etc. at attractive prices and hearty discounts. Buy today to avail these discounts and save big.