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What is a Cervical Traction Device?

A cervical traction device is a therapeutic tool used by physical therapists for treating neck pain and other conditions such as cervical radiculopathy. Cervical traction is the practice of gently pulling the head away from the shoulders to stretch the neck and upper back muscles and create space between the vertebrae. A cervical traction device is a safe and cost-effective way to relieve neck pain stemming from different neck conditions.

Health products for you offer a wide range of neck traction devices and traction accessories like harnesses, pillows, bolsters, spreader bars, heavy-duty hangers, weight bags, and many more that facilitate cervical traction. Shop today to get attractive discounts!

Who Benefits from Neck Traction?

People with the following condition may benefit from neck traction:

Types of Cervical Traction Device

Manual cervical traction

Manual cervical traction is conducted by the physiotherapists who use their hands to gently pull the head and neck away from the body while the patients lay on their back or stomach. They hold the head for few seconds and then gently release it. This procedure might be repeated several times at different angles. Manual cervical traction is also useful in diagnosing the possible causes of neck pain

Mechanical cervical traction

Mechanical cervical traction is also executed by a physical therapist, who fits the patient’s head and neck into a harness attached to a machine or pulley system that stretches the head and neck away from the body. Saunders Cervical Traction Device is safe to be used at home under physical therapist guidance.

Over-the-door cervical traction

Over-the-door cervical traction is Generally designed for home use, where a harness is strapped to the user’s head and neck. The harness is then attached to the rope in a weighted pulley system that goes over the door. Try the Graham-Field Over Door Cervical Traction Set that helps relieve neck, shoulder pain, and headache at the comfort of home.

Benefits of Cervical Traction

Contraindication for Cervical Traction Unit

Cervical Traction is not recommended to people with the following conditions:

Things to Consider When Using a Home Cervical Traction Unit

Where to Buy the Best Cervical Traction Device Online?

Health products for you offer a wide range of safe and reliable cervical traction units and over-the-door neck traction devices that effectively alleviate neck pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility. The neck tractions devices are from renowned manufactures like Core Products, Chattanooga, DJO, and many more.

Article and Research Papers on Cervical Traction

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Frequently asked questions

The stretching provided by cervical traction help relieve sprains and spasms of the neck muscle. By stretching apart the vertebrae of the cervical spine, traction helps relieve pain caused by worn spinal disks. Traction can free nerves pinched by compression between the vertebrae.

Cervical traction may be practiced for 15-20 minutes per session. You can practice several sessions per day depending upon your condition. If the the pain increases please discontinue use of cervical traction set and contact your healthcare provider.

Cervical traction is a treatment that involves light stretching of the neck. Neck, or cervical spine, is made of seven vertebrae. Cervical traction is recommended if any of these are injured from whiplash in a minor car accident, or even from sitting for extended periods of time at work or while driving. It helps create space between the vertebrae to keep the spinal discs healthy.

Cervical traction set can be used for many purposes. It is mostly used to help lessen compressive forces in the cervical region, and helps to take the pressure off of the discs that reside between the vertebrae (spinal bones) in the neck.

Cervical traction set can be used for many purposes. It is mostly used to help lessen compressive forces in the cervical region, and helps to take the pressure off of the discs that reside between the vertebrae (spinal bones) in the neck.

Traction is intended to regain the normal length and alignment of the involved bone, reduce or eliminate muscle spasms and relieve pressure on nerves, especially spinal.