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Importance of Tracheal Humidification 

Tracheal humidification becomes essential for those who have undergone tracheostomy so as to keep secretions thin, prevent formation of mucus plugs and protect the user from bacterial infections. Humidification is provided by tracheal humidifiers which are heat and moisture exchanger (HME).  

These HMEs trap the patient’s own moisture and minimize heat loss thus providing greater breathing comfort by conditioning, moisturizing and warming the incoming air. Choose from the wide range of humidifiers for tracheostomy patients including hygroscopic condenser humidifiers, humidifier filters, etc.  

Find quality humidification supplies for your tracheostomy from top brands including Airlife , Provox , DAR , Hudson RCI  and many more at best prices at HPFY. 

Need For Heat and Moisture Exchanger 

Heat and moisture exchanger, or HME, is a device required by those fitted with a tracheostomy tube and having to breathe through an opening in the trachea. Normal breathing through the nose and mouth is warm and moisturized while breathing through an artificial opening or tracheostomy tube is not. A HME trach device is needed to provide the same. HME, which is also known as an artificial nose is set up on the trach collar and fits onto the end of a trach tube.  

It carries a highly effective electrostatic filter which filters charged particles. It captures the patient’s exhaled heat and moisture and returns them in the form of inhaled air. The electrostatic hydrophobic membrane protects against cross-contamination while the hygroscopic membrane traps moisture from the patient thereby providing an effective airway humidification process. It maybe a few weeks before the pulmonary symptoms show improvement. And in the first few days of HME use, mucus production may even increase.  

Heat and Moisture Exchangers – Popular Buys 

Where to buy Tracheostomy Humidification Products online?  

At HPFY, We have a wide range of tracheostomy humidification supplies from well-known brands like Airlife, DAR, Hudson RCI, Kimvent, Provox, and more. These are designed to provide effective tracheostomy care and provide greater breathing comfort by conditioning, moisturizing and warming the incoming air. Shop for tracheostomy care products online and earn reward dollars on every purchase.  

Tracheostomy Care: Articles and Research 

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