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Heat therapy is used basically for pain relief. Bruises, sprains, arthritis pain, stiff neck and back aches are some situations in which heat therapy can be helpful. Effective heat therapy products generate and maintain the right amount of heat. The hot pack should be warm, rather than being hot as it could burn the skin. The warm temperature maintained by the hot pack helps the heat to penetrate deep down and produce the desired effect without irritating the skin. The duration for which the heat should be applied depends upon the nature and magnitude of injury. At HPFY we have a wide variety of hot packs and heating units available for your convenience.

Types of Heat Therapy

  • Dry heat like the heat produced by electric heating pads or saunas. This type of heat extracts the moisture from skin leaving the skin dry and dehydrated, however it is easy to apply and produces good results. It is a hustle free alternative of heat therapy. 

  • Moist heat is the heat provided by hot baths, moist heating packs or steamed towels. Moist heat penetrates through muscles to provide pain relief without dehydrating the skin.  Moist heat therapy proves to be beneficial in many cases like muscle stiffness and discomfort as it has an additional capacity to change tissue temperature.

Heat therapy packs are available in many forms to meet the diverse needs of clients. They include:

  • Hot Water Bottle – These are made up of tough rubber or silicone based material. These bottles stay warm for around 20 to 30 minutes. You just need to fill it with hot water and it is good to go. 

  • Electric Heating Pad – these heating pads supply dry heat and maintain a constant heat level for the entire period when it is plugged in. 

  • Heated Gel Packs – These packs contain a gel that retains the heat when heated in a microwave, or water. It stays warm for about 30 minutes. 

  • Heat Wraps – Wraps are a great way of providing heat to specific target areas like the back, neck, shoulder etc. they can be worn any time while watching your favorite show or while working out.

We also have warming gel mittens, back braces, heating pads, cervical wraps, heat therapy packages, TENS units etc. Always exercise precaution while using hot packs. There must be enough insulation between the hot pack and the skin to prevent burning of the skin due to excess heat. Avoid using hot packs in situations like:

  • Dermatitis 

  • Deep vein thrombosis 

  • Diabetes 

  • Peripheral vascular disease 

  • Open wound 

  • Severe cognitive impairment 

  • Swollen or bruised injury.

For minor pain and discomfort heat therapy for a short duration is enough. For more intense pain or injuries it should be applied for longer duration.

Where to buy Heat Therapy supplies?

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