Coloplast Sensura One-Piece

The Coloplast SenSura one piece pouching system provides you with a double-layer of security. These pouching systems combine a unique double layer adhesive wafer and a drainable pouch for added security and discretion. These components are fixed permanently and if there arises a need to change the pouch the unit must be changed as a whole. Sensura range comes with pre-Cut and Cut to fit pouch styles. The SenSura double-layer adhesive wafer provides security from leakage and pouch dislodgement along with and optimal skin care.

The stoma openings, that are generally difficult to manage like those that are flush, retracted, or located in a skin fold, can be covered with the convex light barrier. Oval shape of the barrier is designed especially for stomas that are not easily accessible. A gentle and directed pressure is applied on the skin reducing the risk of leakage by helping the stoma to protrude out.

Try the popular SenSura Mio Flat Drainable Pouch With Inspection Window or the Coloplast SenSura Mio Opaque Drainable Pouch and many more drainage pouches that are also skin friendly. Special Discounts Available!

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SenSura Drainage Pouches Features:

  • These pouches are available in various forms to provide comfort and discretion
  • The EasiClose Wide outlet is very easy to empty and clean and comes with an integrated velcro for easy closure. These pouches are about 0.5” wider than standard stoma openings. 
  • Reduced risk of pouch ballooning
  • Integrated filter is helpful in neutralizing pouch odor effectively.
  • Filter works automatically.
  • The Protection layer is designed to protect the peristomal skin from stoma output
  • Skin care layer absorbs the excess moisture and keeps the skin healthy

The SenSura Family of Products Contain:

  1. SenSura 1-piece closed pouch: This is an all in one colostomy pouch that provides for maximum security and discretion. 

  2. SenSura 1-piece drainable pouch: This pouch is an ideal one if you have an ileostomy. It provides all the benefits of the Sensura Range along with the discreetness you desire.

  3. SenSura 1-piece urostomy pouch: As the name suggests these pouches are designed for urostomies. With a choice of size, transparency and convexity you can have a pouch that suits your reuirements the best possible way. 

  4. SenSura 1-piece drainable with soft outlet: For your post-surgical requirements SenSura provides an ideal option. This pouch can be connected to an overnight drainage bag for an increased capacity during the night.

The SenSura Mio Family of Products Contain:

  1. SenSura Mio Convex 1-piece closed pouch: For deep seated areas, uneven skin areas ans stomas that need help to protrude this convex colostomy pouch is the ideal option. 

  2. SenSura Mio Convex 1-piece drainable pouch: For managing the convexity of stomas this pouch can be used. It is a discreet one piece pouch that controls odors for maximum sense of security and freedom.

  3. SenSura Mio Convex 1-piece urostomy pouch: ideal for urostomies with a convexity in the stoma these pouches do not balloon keeping themselves discreet so that you can be comfortable in social settings. 

  4. SenSura Mio 1-Piece Closed Pouch: These colostomy pouches are designed to stay in place and conform to the body contours for maximum discretion. 

  5. SenSura Mio 1-Piece Drainable Pouch: Suitable for ileostomies these drainage pouches come with an integrated filter that helps in odor control.

  6. SenSura Mio 1-Piece Urostomy Pouch: Urostomies can be best managed with these pouches as they are very easy to empty and clean and comes with an integrated Velcro for easy closure.

Choose from our range of products to get the satisfaction that you desire from your ostomy appliances. These one piece pouches are ideal for everyday use and can be disposed after usage. SenSura one piece pouches are just clicks away from your doorstep. Buy Now!