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What is Colostomy?

A colostomy is a surgical procedure that redirects the large intestine (colon) from its normal route to a new opening in the abdomen, called a stoma. During the process, the surgeon makes an opening in the abdominal wall and brings the end of the colon through it. Finally, the edges of the colon are stitched to the skin of the abdomen to position the colon on the outside of the body.

Reasons for Colostomy

A colostomy is intended when the colon is not functioning properly, or a part of the colon is diseased and needs to be removed. A colostomy may be temporary or permanent. A temporary colostomy is indicated when a part of the colon is infected, inflamed, diseased, and needs time to rest and heal. A permanent colostomy may be a solution for an irreversible condition such as cancer or any other serious disease. Following are the reasons that may require a colostomy, including:

What is a Colostomy Pouch?

After the colostomy, the colon will expel poop through the stoma instead of the anus. The colostomy pouch is a special bag that a patient needs to wear over the stoma to catch the poop and other waste products when they come out from the body. Colostomy pouches come in different styles and sizes. Not every pouching system works for all people. Following are some of the useful things to look for when picking a colostomy bag that include:

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Note: The American College of Surgeons recommends changing the colostomy bag when it is about 1/3 t0 1/2 full, which can help prevent the bag from pulling away from the skin and leaking.

Types of Colostomy Pouches

Colostomy pouches come in many sizes and styles. Your health care provider or an ostomy nurse can assist you in selecting the best one for your situation and lifestyle.

One-piece Colostomy

Pouch In a one-piece bag, the skin barrier and pouch are joined together. When you change the bag, you need to take the whole thing off and use a new one. One-piece bags are often inexpensive, and there is less risk of leakage between the skin and the bag.

Two-Piece Colostomy

Pouch In a two-piece system, the skin barrier and the pouch are separate, allowing you to change the pouch as and when needed without removing the skin barrier. The two-piece system will enable you to wear bags appropriate for your activity and is gentler on the skin as they require less flange change.

Closed Colostomy Pouch

A closed pouch is a disposable bag meant for single use. When the pouch is full, you can dispose of it right away. This type of bag is ideal for those who do not have to change pouches often during the day and for those with firm stools. These bags often feature filters to reduce gas buildup and prevent odor.

Drainable Colostomy Pouch

A drainable pouch is a reusable pouch. It has an opening at the bottom that allows the user to drain the contents, clean the bag and replace it. The pouch needs to be replaced with a new one every 3-4 days. Drainable bags are perfect for those who have liquid stools and need to empty the bag several times a day. The opening of the pouch is secured with a clip or Velcro-type closure.

How to choose the right Colostomy Bag for you?


Colostomy pouches come in various sizes and styles. Large bags can hold around 650 ml of waste and can be used during the night to avoid leakage. Small bags can hold around 400 ml and can be used during the day when you can change or drain them as and when needed.


You can pick a pouch depending on your activities. A mini colostomy pouch might be the solution if you engage in regular exercise or sports. Often mini pouches are preferred during intimate moments. Large bags are good if you are always on the go and do not have time to change.

Colostomy location

The part of the colon where the stoma is made and the type of procedure done are important factors when choosing a colostomy bag. These factors determine the rate of bowel movement and the volume and consistency of the output. If the stoma is made in the lower colon, the stool may be more formed, whereas the stool is looser if the stoma is made in the upper part of the colon. Try to choose a pouch that can handle your output.


Choose a colostomy bag that is comfortable and convenient to wear. It may take a lot of trial and error until you find the one that works well for you. If you find it overwhelming to select the right bag, you can always take the help of your medical provider or certified ostomy nurse. They will make a complete assessment of your needs and guide you in selecting and caring for your ostomy bag.

How to change a Colostomy Bag?

The colostomy pouch can be changed as often as required, usually shortly after a bowel movement. Initially, the procedure may seem difficult, but with time and practice, it will get easier.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly using antibacterial soap.
  2. Gently remove the pouch from the stoma; adhesive remover can be used if necessary.
  3. By removing the clip or cutting away the bottom section, empty the pouch contents into the toilet or discard the pouch into a disposal bag.
  4. Clean the stoma with warm water and dry with a wipe.
  5. Prepare the new bag by removing the protective cover from the skin wafer.
  6. Place the skin wafer and bag over the stoma, ensuring no creases.

Living with a Colostomy Bag: Important tips to follow

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