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Reading and writing aids constitute a wide assortment of assistive devices for people with arthritis and limited dexterity. They are ideal for children, adults and seniors, and help them read and write effortlessly. Non-complex and user-friendly reading and writing aids aim at minimizing pain, hand tremors and weak grasp. These adaptive devices make reading and writing both on digital devices and books easy and effective. They include book holders, page turners, head pointers, mouth sticks and other writing aids. Many people choose a combination of these devices to get their task accomplished. Health Products For You offers a wide variety of reading and writing aids from popular manufacturers like Maddak, Performance Health, North Coast Medical, etc.

Book Holders and Page Turners

Book holders and page turners allow for easy hands-free reading. For people who have difficulty holding their books while reading, book holders turn out to be a boon. They help the users in reading books, textbooks, magazines, and other materials without using hands. Users can settle themselves in a bed or chair and enjoy reading a book without bearing its weight. Many book holders come with an adjustable height feature to suit variety of seating positions. When not in use, these reading aids for the elderly can be easily folded and stored away. A big task while reading a book is to turn pages. For individuals with limited grip or hand impairments, page turners are designed to easily turn pages.

Head Pointers And Mouth Sticks

Head pointers and mouth sticks are few of the adaptive devices that assist the users with limited hand function or dexterity. They are used for pressing buttons, typing or interacting with smartphones, computers, tablets and touch screen objects. Head pointers are worn on head for easy and effortless use. One end of mouth sticks is held in mouth and its other tip is used to interact with devices.

Writing Aids

Adaptive writing aids include a range of products that help users while writing. Individuals facing reduced grasping power and hand or finger dexterity can benefit themselves with assistive pens, grip attachments for pens and universal holders. They promote proper alignment and helps in reducing strain due to painful gripping.