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Body Cooling Products help the body to lessen the impact of environmental heat conditions. They save the wearer from the burning sun, heat stress, hot flashes, heat related irritability, etc. and provide long-anticipated coolness. For people who find it difficult to sleep on a hot summer night, personal cooling products are a breeze. These cooling products provide relief to people with multiple sclerosis or similar conditions that cause heat intolerance. At Health Products For You, we offer innovative and inexpensive ways to tackle heat stress and keep you cool on hot days. Shop from the top selling brands such as Techniche, Polar, Glacier Tek and many more @ discounted prices!

Types of Body Cooling Products

  • Cooling Vests - Cooling vests are used to provide cold therapy to users. They standardize the core body temperature and prevent sudden temperature fluctuations. These vests can be worn inside or over regular clothes.
  • Cooling Headwear - Cooling headwear, as the name suggests, are worn over head to provide hours of cooling to the head. They ease the wearer by reducing any type of heat-induced discomfort.
  • Cool Bedding - Cool bedding regulates nighttime temperatures and helps the user get a good sleep at night. They feature a unique technology that prevents overheating by absorbing and releasing heat and maintaining a constant temperature.
  • Moisture Wicking Sleepwear - Moisture wicking sleepwear provides a good night's sleep, despite the hot flashes and night sweats. They include pajamas, nightgowns, and separates made from a unique moisture wicking fabric.
  • Cooling Pet Products - Cooling pet products help you keep your pet cool all summer long. They protect your furry friend from heat exhaustion, overheating, and heat stroke.