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What is a Hip Abduction Brace?

A Hip Brace is a specialized brace that keeps the hips and knees apart and prevents excessive motion in the hip to promote healing. Hip abduction braces are usually used after hip surgery or hip dislocation to provide stability to the injured joint. Additionally, hip abduction orthosis is prescribed to adults and children to treat hip dysplasia. HPFY offers high-quality hip braces from top brands.

When to use Hip Support Brace?

Hip braces are used in the following medical conditions: 

Benefits of Hip Brace

A hip abduction brace allows the proper healing of the hip joint in the abduction position after a dislocation or hip surgery. Following are the benefits that come from using a hip abduction orthosis, including:

How does a Brace for Hip Pain work?

A hip brace is meant to hold the thigh bone into the hip socket and reduce the hip range of motion. The hip brace is made from padded plastic shells that wrap around the hips and thigh, a metal hinge for the affected hip, and Velcro straps to maintain contact with the hip. 

Abduction is the movement of a body part away from the body, and the abduction hip brace prevents the leg from excessive movements away from the body. Additionally, it prevents hyperflexion (knee movement toward the chest). The hip brace helps keep the hip still and in the correct position while it heals. 

Hip Dysplasia Brace For Babies 

Hip dysplasia is a disorder in which the hip socket does not fully cover the ball portion of the thigh bone, which results in dislocation of the hip bone. Hip dysplasia is mostly a congenital condition developed in newborn babies.  

Mild to moderate hip dysplasia in babies can be corrected using supportive procedures such as pediatric hip abduction orthosis. Baby hip dysplasia brace holds the legs in a better position for the hip and works towards adjusting the position of the ball and hip socket, which promotes normal development of the hip joint. 

How to use Hip Abduction Brace for Adults?

How long should I wear a Hip Stabilizer Brace?  

Generally, a hip support brace needs to be worn 24 hours a day. Your doctor will guide you on how long the hip abduction brace needs to be worn, if it needs to be worn all the time, or if it can be taken off while in bed. Continue wearing the hip brace for as long as your doctor deems necessary. 

How to care for a Hip Dysplasia Brace for Adults?

If removal of the hip brace is allowed by your doctor, you can remove the pads from the brace for cleaning. Wash the pads in warm water with mild detergent. Lay flat and let it air dry. The plastic portion of the brace may be cleaned with a damp cloth or with rubbing alcohol. 

Where to buy Hip Brace?

Health Products For You carries a range of hip abduction braces to help keep the hip secure during the healing process from renowned manufacturers like Ossur/Royce Medical, Otto Bock, DJO, etc. Shop now! 

Research papers on Hip Support Brace  

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