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Amoena Mara Wire-Free Bra
Amoena Mara Wire-Free Bra
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QT Intimates Front Closure Leisure Bra
QT Intimates Front Closure Leisure Bra
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ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103
ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103

A mastectomy bra is a specially designed bra that provides comfort and support for women who have undergone a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or other breast surgery. They help women feel confident and comfortable after surgery and are an important part of the post-surgery recovery process. After mastectomy surgery, the first question that pops into mind is how and where to buy mastectomy bras. The good news is that post-mastectomy bras are now easily available online. Choose from the perfect bra to be worn under the sheerest of clothes and guaranteed to be natural, feminine, and comfortable. Our line of mastectomy bras with built-in forms includes lace, camisole, underwire bras, leisure bras, and much more, so you can pick sizes as per your requirements.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Mastectomy Bras

Bras for Mastectomy Patients

  1. Soft Cup

    Soft cup bras, also known as non-wired or wire-free bras, do not have an underwire and rely on fabric, elastic, or other supportive materials to provide shape and support to the breasts. They are often preferred by individuals who find underwire uncomfortable, have sensitive skin, or want a more natural and relaxed fit. Best soft cup post-mastectomy bras are available from manufacturers like Anita Care and Amoena. They have a comfortable fit and are, at the same time, stylish and fashionable. The cotton fabric of the bra keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.
  2. Seamless Bras

    These bras are made without seams or stitching in the cups to minimize irritation and friction against sensitive or healing skin. These bras have a sleek design and look smooth under a clingy, stylish blouse. This can be particularly beneficial for mastectomy patients who wear breast forms or prostheses. Easy-fitting and ultra-soft, seamless post surgical bras are made of a special fabric that is breathable and has moisture-wicking benefits. There is comfort, beauty, and fashion in our range of seamless bras for mastectomy patients. 
  3. Front Closure Bras

    Putting on and taking off brassieres becomes a challenge for women with limited mobility or shoulder mobility issues or who find it challenging to reach behind their back to fasten a back closure bra. Front closure bras have a closure mechanism, such as a clasp, zipper, or snap, located at the front center of the bra that makes it easier to put on and take off the bra. These are extremely useful for those with restricted mobility and limited range of motion owing to surgery, arthritis, or lymphedema. This bra type has hook-and-eye fasteners in the front. It allows easy and quick dressing and undressing without compromising on quality and fashion.
  4. Underwire Bras

    Combining fashion with ease, our range of post-mastectomy underwire bras ensures the highest wearing comfort. The plastic underwire provides additional structure, support, and shape to the breasts. The wire typically follows the natural curve of the breast and extends along the bottom and sides of the cups. The soft, silky, all-over microfiber fabric gives an intimate fit. It has a flex-comfort underwire, providing mild support without putting any pressure on your breast form or scar area.
  5. Sports or Activity Bras

    Sports or activity bras are specifically designed to provide support, comfort, and security during physical activities. These are lightweight, breathable, and flexible to adjust as required when involved in strenuous activities. Sports bras for mastectomy patients have prosthesis pockets to hold the breast forms securely in place and provide firm support even while active. The main function of the sports bra is accommodating breast forms or prostheses, minimizing bounce, and ensuring a comfortable fit during sports activities. HPFY has a wide collection of high-function sports bras with adjustable comfort straps and additional reinforcement on the shoulder.
  6. Compression Bras

    Compression bras are beneficial to mastectomy patients during the initial stages of recovery or when managing post-surgical swelling or lymphedema. It helps speed up the healing process by adding controlled compression on the scar tissue. They are often recommended immediately after breast surgery to provide gentle compression and support to the surgical area. Compression mastectomy bras can help minimize post-operative swelling and promote better healing. We have ABC Compression Bra Style 519, which offers distributed compression for lymphedema management, improving circulation, and alleviating discomfort.
  7. Leisure Bras

    Leisure bras for mastectomy patients offer comfortable coverage and support. These types of bras are ideal for wear during relaxation, at home while lounging, during casual leisure activities, and even while sleeping. We carry mastectomy bras with built-in forms made of nylon, lycra, or cotton. The Leisure Bra Style 110 from ABC selection has cotton and spandex pockets designed to secretly hold breast forms in place and offer gentle support, thus making them easy to wear. LuisaLuisa, too, makes the finest leisure bras for mastectomy.
  8. Camisoles

    Camisoles combine the coverage and style of a camisole with the support and functionality of a bra. It provides support, coverage, and a sense of security after mastectomy surgery. They are specifically designed to accommodate breast forms or prostheses while offering a comfortable and flattering fit. You can get an amazing variety of camisoles from top manufacturers such as Amoena and Classique. Camisole bras look stylish under a blouse, business suit, or dress. Designed to provide a soft, feminine, and versatile fit, they relieve strain on the shoulders and neck.

How to Measure for Post-Mastectomy Bras?

  1. To measure bra size, stand in front of a mirror & use a measuring tape. 
    • Start with the band. 
    • Stand in an upright position. 
    • Measure under your bust. 
    • Note the measurement.  
      • If it is an even number, add 4” to it. 
      • If it is an odd number, add 5” to it. 
      • The resulting number is your band size. 

  2. To measure the bust size 
    • Wear a non-padded bra for accuracy. 
    • Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. 
    • Note the measurement. 

  3. It is important to note that:
    • Both measurements are in the same unit (preferably in inches). 
    • The tape is parallel to the ground. 
    • The tape is not too loose or too tight. 

  4. Find the cup size
    • Subtract the band size from the bust size.  
    • The difference is the size of the cup. 
    • So, if the difference between the two sizes is 2”, the cup size is B.  

A well-fitting bra will not feel too tight or leave impressions on your chest or near the armpits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a mastectomy bra and a regular bra?

    Unlike regular bras, you will get mastectomy bras with built-in forms or cups to accommodate breast forms or prostheses.

  2. How tight should a mastectomy bra be?

    It should fit snugly but comfortably. You should be able to insert two fingers underneath.

  3. When to wear a prosthetic bra?

    Once your surgical incisions have healed sufficiently and your healthcare professional gives you the go-ahead, you can begin wearing a mastectomy prosthetic bra. This is typically around 4-6 weeks after surgery, but it can vary for each individual, so it's important to follow your surgeon's guidance.

Where to Buy Mastectomy Bras Online?

HPFY offers all that you need post-mastectomy surgery. You can buy our top lines of mastectomy bras with built-in forms that bring back into women that feeling of confidence after breast surgery. Our post-surgical bras collection is ranked among the best available, steeped in fashion and appeal. These are manufactured by the top brands in the industry, such as Amoena, Anita, Almost U, Trulife, Classique, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

Post mastectomy bras have a pocket inside the bra cup which can hold breast prosthesis in place. These bra types are also designed to carry the extra weight of silicone breast forms. Mastectomy bras may have a pocket in one cup or pockets in both cups.

There are post mastectomy bras for special occasions, exercise, leisure, sleep and bikini tops for swimming. Additionally, there are strapless bras, post-surgery bras, leisure bras and built-in shelf bras.

When purchasing a mastectomy bra, choose the cup size based on the larger breast. It is however, advisable to have a professional bra fitting after mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction for determining new bra size and breast form size. Also check out this size chart to get an idea about sizing options.

  • Supportive, adjustable straps assist in maintaining body posture
  • Wide sides for extra coverage
  • Wide underband keeps bra securely in place
  • Discreet pockets keep prostheses secure
  • Possess deep cups and front for comfort, support and extra cover