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Oxygen therapy needs a lot more than just an oxygen reservoir. We at HPFY try our best to bring to you all that you need for an effective oxygen therapy. Browse through a range of oxygen cannulas, oxygen tubes and connectors to deliver oxygen directly into the lungs of the patient. We carry a range of oxygen cannulas ranging from pediatric ones to adult cannulas with non-kinking tubing, over the ear designs and cushioned cannulas. Also we have a range of tubing and accessories. Accessories for oxygen therapy are designed to make oxygen therapy a better experience for the patients as well as the caregivers. These accessories must be taken good care of. Oxygen therapy cannulas must be cleaned regularly to prevent infections of the respiratory tract that can prove fatal for people suffering from respiratory disorders.

We also carry other cannula accessories and adaptors for use while oxygen therapy. Find here top quality products from featured brands like Airlife, Hudson RCI, AMSure, and many more at attractive discounts.

Oxygen Cannulas

A nasal oxygen cannula is used to deliver supplemental oxygen directly into the nostrils of the patient. Such a device fits from behind the ears and two prongs go inside the nostrils to deliver oxygen. This cannula is connected to an oxygen tubing which in turn is connected to an oxygen reservoir. 

Oxygen Cannulas

Oxygen cannulas are an effective way to deliver oxygen if high oxygen flow in not required. They can carry an oxygen flow of about 1-5 liters/minute. We carry variety of cannulas like pediatric cannulas for ex. Salter Style Children Nasal Cannula and adult cannulas for ex. The 1600 Series Adult Clear Nasal Oxygen Cannula and Hudson RCI Softech Adult Nasal Cannula and many more for a complete oxygen therapy treatment.

Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen tubing is used to connect the nasal mask or cannula to the oxygen reservoir. It is mostly made of plastic and serves to deliver a steady flow of oxygen to the patient. Tubings may be reusable or disposable. Some of the tubings come with a kink resistant design. Buy Quality tubing like the Hudson RCI Corr-A-Flex Oxygen Supply Tubing Roll which is the preferred choice of medical professionals.

Tubing Connectors

These connectors are used to join two pieces of oxygen tube together. These tubes are available in a swivel or non-swivel design. Latex Free Oxygen Tubing connectors can easily connect any two lengths of oxygen tubes that have a standard 5-7 mm end connectors. Connectors are generally compatible with all standard oxygen tubes. Try the Salter Oxygen Tubing Connector for a secure tubing connection.

Tubing connectors

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