Hearing and Listening Aids

Hearing and Listening Aids are designed for people with hearing impairment or hearing loss. Hearing impairment prevents an individual from partially or totally receiving the sound through ear. It can be caused by various factors like illness, old age, genetics, physical trauma, too much exposure to noise, etc. If there is a mild loss in hearing power, and people face difficulty in hearing distant and faint speech, hearing aids can be used to amplify sounds. When it is hard or almost impossible for an individual to distinguish speech in voice, assistive listening devices can be used. Health Products For You offers a wide collection of hearing assistive devices like alarm clocks, amplified phones, amplifiers, earphones and headphones, etc.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are tiny computers that are programmed to amplify the sounds an individual hears. They are specifically molded for ears. Assisted hearing devices are designed for a range of functions to meet varied user requirements. They help the user hear by diminishing the surrounding sounds and focusing on what he/she wants to hear. There are different types of hearing aids available to suit the active lifestyles of users.

Listening Aids

Assistive listening devices for hearing impaired improve the sound transmission. These equipments help the users hear better in noisy environments and in situations where they are at significant distance from the sound they want to hear. Listening aids are designed to provide temporary assistance in specific environments like theaters, classrooms, airports, places of worship, etc. Health Products For You offers an assortment of hearing and listening aids from top manufacturers like Sonic Alert, Serene Innovations, Silent Call Communications, Clearsounds communications, Bellman & Symfon, and many more.

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