Shower Beds and Gurneys


Shower beds or gurneys are devices basically used in homes or medical facilities for transporting a person with limited mobility to and from the bathing area. The person can also be washed on the gurney itself. It is made up of water resistant materials that include medical grade PVC for pipes and mesh for slings. These materials offer a long lasting stability and durability. Gurneys come in a number of variations. Shower beds provide a great way for caregivers to save time as they save them the time and effort of transferring the patient in and out of the bath tub. Some are multi position while others are flat. Most shower beds offer the height adjustability feature to keep the caregiver safe from injury.

Different types of Shower Beds

Multi-Position Shower Beds

These shower beds feature a multi-position headrest that is adjustable for the comfort of the patient lying on it. The safety rails on these gurneys drop for easy transfers without any barriers and the rails also lock in position for patient safety. Some gurneys also have middle casters to eliminate sagging and improve maneuverability. They are also equipped with a drain pan that collects all the water and keeps it draining in one direction to prevent slips and falls. Shower beds have a weight capacity of around 450 pounds. Some shower gurneys fold compactly for storage. They may hold up to 350 pounds weight. Some shower gurneys are also MRI safe. Shower beds usually come with high floatation all terrain wheels with non-corrosive bearings to be used in water or any wet location. Try the Healthline Bariatric Reclining Adjustable Back Shower Gurney or the MJM International Sling Shower Gurney With Three Position Elevating Headrest for a complete showering experience.

Flat Shower Beds

This type of bed is appropriate for patients who need to lie down while bathing. Flat gurneys are generally sloped to collect the water in one direction for draining offering the required comfort and security. It can be adjusted for height manually (hydraulic foot control) or by electric hand controls and can hold up to 375 lbs. Try the Duralife Shower Bed for a great showering experience both for patients and caregivers. Bariatric flat shower gurneys can bear up to 900 lbs. weight and comes with 8 casters. 

Where to buy Shower Beds and Gurneys?

Choose from a variety of shower beds or gurneys for hospital facilities or in home use. These gurneys are a great way to maintain hygiene of the patients without much effort. We offer gurneys from well-known manufacturers like MJM INTERNATIONAL, HEALTHLINE  and many more at best prices @ HPFY