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What is Paraffin?

Paraffin refers to a chemical that is either made of solid or liquid material. Heat therapy has long been known for its healing benefits, and paraffin wax has a high heat-retaining capacity to help with pain relief. HPFY offers various paraffin treatment products from manufacturers like Performance Health, The Hygenic Corp., and others.

How does Paraffin Therapy Work?

Paraffin treatment works when the heat is transferred to the affected area. This heat opens skin pores and improves blood circulation in the affected limb. After the paraffin treatment, the skin becomes more radiant and softer.

Benefits of Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin wax treatment relieves pain and stiffness by supplying deep heat to the affected area. Paraffin treatments are fast-acting and drug-free treatments used for conditions like arthritis. Paraffin therapy is safe to be used anywhere in homes, offices, or clinics. Some common benefits of paraffin treatment are:

Precautions for Paraffin Therapy

It is important to consult your physician before taking paraffin therapy treatment if you have any medical conditions. Here are some of the precautions for paraffin therapy-

Buying Guide for Paraffin Wax Treatment

  1. Temperature of Paraffin Wax – Paraffin therapy is associated with heat therapy. Paraffin wax provides heat to the muscles and joints. Make sure to check the temperature of it so that it doesn’t affect negatively on the skin.
  2. Types of Paraffin Treatment – Paraffin treatment is provided by multiple products to relieve pain and discomfort. Paraffin treatment is proceeded by paraffin wax, oils, paraffin blocks, and heated mitts. Buy a paraffin treatment product according to your use and health condition.

Where to buy Paraffin Wax?

HPFY provides high-quality products from the best manufacturers like W.R. Medical Electronics, Bilt-Rite Mastex Health, Fabrication Enterprises, and many more at the best prices and attractive discounts.

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Paraffin Units

Taikhum Sadiq May 23,2016

Paraffin therapy requires specific units that facilitate the process of paraffin treatment. These units come in varying sizes. Some are small enough to fit on your table while some are large enough to take up a corner of your room.

All About Paraffin Therapy

Taikhum Sadiq May 23,2016

Paraffin or paraffin wax is white or colorless soft solid that is derived from petroleum. It has a number of uses and applications in a number of industries. In the medical world, paraffin is used for a treatment process called

Paraffin Wax and Oils

Taikhum Sadiq May 23,2016

Paraffin wax is soft solid obtained from the bosom of the earth. It is extracted from petroleum that is mined from the surface of the earth. It is a solid that melt and freezes at low temperatures as compared to


Frequently asked questions

Paraffin treatment is developed to provide pain relief to hands, feet and sore joints and muscles. This treatment uses warm oil-based wax and has skin-softening benefits as well.

Paraffin wax has a low melting point and therefore is safe for your skin.

For people with diabetes, heat sensitivity or numbness in hands or those who suffer from poor blood circulation, paraffin treatment may not be suitable. It should be avoided if you have any sore, rash or infection in the hands.

Paraffin therapy works by opening the pores and removing the dead skin cells that will rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and make your hands and feet feel silky and smooth.