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Anita breast forms are available as full, partial or initial compensation prosthesis. These forms provide a soft and natural feeling as their weight and touch is very close to the natural ones. These breast forms are thoroughly tested for skin compatibility and they are designed to move with the body due to the Anita Flex Gap Technology. Anita breast forms provide a gentle support that makes you feel confident and relaxed in your own skin. They come with the unique, breathable textile microfiber backing making them even softer in touch. Buy full, partial and lightweight breast forms from Anita for a great look and feel at best prices on HPFY!

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Types of Breast Prosthesis by Anita:

Foam Prostheses for Initial Use

The skin post-surgery is fragile and prone to break down very easily. Anita breast forms for initial compensation are made of gentle micro-modal fiber and cotton that help in protecting the sensitive skin. These forms can also be used during the radiation therapy post-surgery. Try the Anita Care Equitex Multi Functional Light Prosthesis Breast Form for use just after surgery.

Prostheses for Partial Compensation 

During surgeries like a lumpectomy the breasts lose their volume. In such cases soft shells made of silicone are the best choice to perfect your silhouette. These silicone forms have thin edges that allow for a smooth transition between the breast form and the natural skin. These prosthesis provide comfort and confidence along with a secure feeling. Partial breast forms can be used along with an adhesive directly on the skin or with any pocketed bra. Try the Anita Care Sequitex Trapez Partial Prosthesis Breast Form that is made of skin friendly silicone.  

Full Silicone Breast Prostheses for Full Compensation

These breast forms are designed for use after a mastectomy surgery or to compensate for uneven breasts. These forms are made up of silicone. The Anita flex gap technology allows the breast forms to imitate natural breasts. Any possible unevenness or scars can be compensated using these breast forms.Try the Anita Care Silicone Prosthesis Full Breast Form that provides a full weight compensation after a full mastectomy surgery.

Concealing the uneven tissue or providing volume has become easier with Anita breast prosthesis. Anita Breast forms are designed to be used after mastectomy surgery, lumpectomy or preventive mastectomies keeping in mind the delicacy of your skin after the surgery. Full breast forms are made to maintain proper posture and balance after surgery. These forms balance pressure on your shoulders. A properly fitted breast form enhances your overall look and provides you with the perfect silhouette. Try out our exclusive collection now!