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What is a Transfer Bench used for?

Transfer benches are extended seats with armrests which are used to provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience for those who are elderly and frail, ill or bariatric. A bath transfer bench has an extended length which is used to straddle the side of the bathtub with two legs of the chair outside and two sitting inside the tub. The user is moved from a wheelchair and made to sit on the bench portion that is outside the bathtub. At HPFY there are multiple options in bathtub transfer benches including aluminum transfer bench, commode transfer bench, shower transfer bench, bariatric bathtub transfer bench, padded transfer bench and more.

Who should use Bath Transfer Bench?

Transfer chair is a bath safety product that provides necessary stability while bathing. It can be helpful for those:

How does a Tub Transfer Bench work?

With Transfer benches the user gently slides over into the tub pulling one leg over and then the other. This ensures the movement is gentle, there is no jerking and the patient does not need to step over and risk a fall. Transfer tub benches can be used as a bath seat or bath chair which means the user need not get up from the bench, thus reducing chances of any slip and fall during bathroom transfers. There are two types of transfer benches within this range – one is the stationary transfer bench and another is the sliding transfer bench with a seat that glides over polished, high-strength aluminum tubes.

Types of Transfer Chairs


Benefits of a Shower Transfer Bench

A tub transfer bench helps enhance the bathroom’s safety and simplify the showering experience for seniors and those with mobility challenges. Here are some other benefits of a tub transfer bench:

Things to consider while buying a Tub Transfer Bench

Weight capacity: Always check the weight capacity of the transfer bench to ensure that it can safely support the user's weight. Most standard transfer chairs have weight capacities between 250 and 300 pounds, while bariatric transfer benches can support up to 500 pounds.

1. Size

Take into consideration the transfer chair's seat measurements for safe and comfortable transfers and sitting experience. Measure your backside's width when sitting on a flat surface to determine the best seat width for you. The seat should be at least 6 inches wider than this measurement.

Also, make sure to measure your bathtub or shower and the space around the tub to ensure the product will fit and there will be enough room for the user to stand and sit in front of the transfer bench safely.

2. Height adjustability

Although fixed legs are cheaper, transfer benches with height-adjustable legs are convenient for many reasons. People come in all heights, and the range of heights available with an adjustable transfer chair allows it to accommodate the height of the user.

The height adjustability feature also allows the user to adjust the legs inside and outside the tub so that the bench is level and secure.

3. Back vs. No Back

Transfer chairs are available with or without backrests. A transfer chair with a backrest is a little more expensive than one without, but having a back on a tub transfer bench significantly improves the comfort and safety of the user and reduces the risk of falls while bathing.

4. Padded vs. unpadded

Padded transfer benches are comfortable and ideal for those who are thin and boney or those who like to take long showers. Unpadded transfer benches are less expensive and easier to scoot when transferring in and out of the tub. However, the unpadded benches can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods.

5. Suction feet vs. Padded feet

Suction cups help completely secure the bench to the tub or floor and prevent it from slipping. If you choose padded tips, ensure they are non-slip to prevent the bench from moving.

Where to buy a Transfer Bench online?

Health Products For You carries a vast collection of shower transfer chairs from top-selling manufacturers like Performance Health, Columbia Medical, Nova-Ortho Medical, Drive Medical, etc., at the best prices. Place your order today!

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Frequently asked questions

A bath transfer bench is a safety device on which the user sits to get into a bathtub. The user sits on the bench, which straddles the side of the tub, and gradually slides from the outside to the inside of the bath tub.

This basic transfer bench consists of a backrest, long seat, and four legs. The legs that hold inside the bath tub may have plungers at their base that grip the surface for stability. The user sits on the seat from the outside of the tub and scoots over on the seat to the inside.

In case of rolling shower chairs, instead of scooting to the other side, the user does not need to move their hips across the seat. The user simply sits on the seat and then slides to the inside of the bath tub, usually on rails or some kind of sliding frame. This reduces friction and eases the movement for patients who are highly dependent.

Bath transfer benches are made of durable blow-molded plastic that is resistant to moisture and does not wear out easily.

Bath Transfer enches are designed for for seniors or disabled individuals who find it difficult or impossible to get in and out of the bath or shower safely without hussle but want to retain their autonomy.