Transfer Benches

Transfer benches are extended seats with armrests which are used to provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience for those who are elderly and frail, ill or bariatric. A bathroom transfer bench has an extended length which is used to straddle the side of the bathtub with two legs of the chair outside and two sitting inside the tub. The user is moved from a wheelchair and made to sit on the bench portion that is outside the bathtub. At HPFY there are multiple options in bathtub transfer benches including aluminum transfer bench, commode transfer bench, shower transfer bench, bariatric bathtub transfer bench, padded transfer bench and more.

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Types of Transfer Benches

With Transfer benches the user gently slides over into the tub pulling one leg over and then the other. This ensures the movement is gentle, there is no jerking and the patient does not need to step over and risk a fall. Transfer tub benches can be used as a bath seat or bath chair which means the user need not get up from the bench, thus reducing chances of any slip and fall during bathroom transfers. There are two types of transfer benches within this range – one is the stationary transfer bench and another is the sliding transfer bench with a seat that glides over polished, high-strength aluminum tubes.

  • Aluminum Transfer Bench: Aluminum transfer benches are light, strong and sturdy. The aluminum framework is rust-proof hence aluminum bathtub transfer benches can be safely used in the bath. The frame provides additional stability and durability. There are aluminum bathroom transfer benches with replaceable cut-out seats to make available personal washing option. 

  • Commode Transfer Bench: Commode bathtub transfer benches have a user-friendly combination of bath and commode design to reduce the stress of lifting and transfers. These bathroom transfer benches have multi-functional purpose and can fit over a standard commode for toileting and then moved into the bathtub for bathing.  

  • Shower Transfer Bench: Shower transfer benches are ideal for bathing and independent living needs. There are shower transfer benches which have a removable back and arm, hand shower holders and for both left and right hand showers. Bathroom transfer benches with suction feet make them safe and stable for heavy-duty or elderly users. 

  • Bariatric Transfer Bench: Bariatric transfer benches are built extra strong to support higher weight capacity going up to 600 lbs. Extra wide seats and large locking suction cups provide additional security on wet surfaces. A strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant frame makes bathtub transfer benches safe and durable.  

  • Padded Transfer Bench: Padded transfer benches have cushioned seats to provide additional comfort during transfers in the bathtub. This is especially important for patients with pressure sores. These individuals need extra care during transfers and a transfer bench with padded seat will ensure gentle sliding so as to minimize discomfort and pain. 

  • Sliding Transfer Bench: Sliding transfer benches feature a seat that glides the patient over polished, high-strength tubes from outside the bathtub and into it. There is no need for lifting and no stress on the caregiver or the patient himself. Sliding transfer benches are usually larger in size, have a fixed frame and provide secure and easy transfers.  

  • PVC Transfer Bench: PVC or plastic transfer benches are made from durable, healthcare grade blow-molded plastic. The advantage of PVC is that it uses stabilizers that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. The molded plastic seat allows hygienic, sanitized and hassle-free cleaning. 

  • Folding Transfer Bench: There are transfer tub benches that can be folded and stored away or carried on a travel. These folding transfer benches can be folded flat for transport or storage in simple, easy steps. The backrest, handle and soap dish can also be removed.

Are Transfer Benches Portable?

Transfer benches can be taken along on a journey but they have to be disassembled first. Transfer benches cannot be folded easily. However, if it has an aluminum framework then the transfer bench can be transferred from one place to another without the need to fold it.

How to Assemble a Transfer Bench?

Transfer benches require tool-free, quick and easy assembly. Assembly instructions are included in the box when buying a transfer bench.