Eye Aids

Proper eye care is very important at each and every stage of life as it allows the users to see clearly and prevent any eye-related health issues in future. Eye care products available at HPFY including eye wash bottles, eye dropper aids, contact lens solutions, etc. assist in eye medication, protection and other needs. 

  • Eye wash bottles are usually used for immediate flushing in emergency situations to provide quick and effective relief to the eyes. They cleanse and refresh and help relieve the irritation in eyes.
  • Contact lens solutions clean, loosen, and remove any accumulation of debris and deposits from the contact lenses. These eye aids can be used for disinfecting, rinsing and protein removal. Contact lens solutions usually contain a lubricant that is known to prevent the drying out of contact lenses.
  • Eye dropper aids allow the users to easily administer eye drops by themselves. They promote effective delivery of medication every time, thereby improving patient comfort. Eye dropper aids can be used with almost all types of eyedrop dispensers. These eye products are reusable and their ease of use makes it simple for patients to adhere to medication.

At HPFY, there are eye care products available from various popular manufacturers like Complete Medical Supplies, Maddak Inc., Bausch & Lomb, Clear Conscience LLC., etc.

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