ConvaTec SUR-FIT Autolock Two-Piece

Choose from our range of SUR-FIT Autolock two-piece ostomy system from ConvaTec which employs the technique of automatic-locking flange. This mechanism is ideal for those with poor hand-to-eye coordination because of its simple technique. It securely locks the pouch and barrier together with a single, light touch confirmed by an audible click. Available with or without a charcoal filter; the filter deodorizes and releases gas. Check out the disposable convex insert which provides extra protection in recessed retracted or flush stoma. You can choose from transparent or opaque variety. Buy Sur-Fit two piece ostomy pouch with ConvaTec SUR-FIT AutoLock Two-Piece Disposable Convex Insert for best results at attractive prices and discounts.

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Some Basic Diet and Nutritional Tips

Post Ostomy surgery it is important to take care of your diet to avoid certain pouching problems. Consult your doctor for instructions on what you can include in your diet. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Eat at regular intervals 

  • Drink plenty of fluids 

  • Chew your food well to avoid blockages and gas production 

  • Ask your stomal therapy nurse whether you can take vitamins 

  • When trying new foods start gradually in smaller proportions. Make simple adjustments that work for you in case there is a problem (gas).

The Prefitted filter inside the ostomy pouch reduces pouch ballooning. It also helps in odor elimination so that you can enjoy social meets and be around your friends and family like you were before surgery. The SUR-FIT Autolock flange provides a secure connection between the skin and the pouch. This skin barrier closes and locks automatically with a single light touch. The attachment of the skin barrier and the pouch is confirmed by a single audible click. You can rotate and reposition the pouch before locking it in place. A great feature that makes Durahesive barriers the most popular ones is that the skin friendly adhesive does not break down. It is designed for people with high liquid outputs. Unlike most skin barriers it does not breakdown around liquid outputs. Durahesive flanges swell up or "Turtleneck" to protect the stoma and peristomal skin better. Try Them out now!