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Closed system catheters are self-contained catheter systems comprising a sterile, pre-lubricated catheter within a collection bag. This eliminates the need to hook the catheter tubing to a urinary drainage bag thus minimizing risks of bacterial infections and reducing time spent on maintenance of a separate drainage bag. Closed system catheters are ready for use once out of the packaging. Closed system catheters require minimum handling and can be inserted without actually touching the tube. Hence it is also referred to as “touchless”. We offer a wide range of closed system catheters with varying features and options to choose from.

Benefits of Closed System Catheters

  • The catheter in a closed system is fully protected within an enclosed sterile field. 

  • This system provides the method for safe, simple catheterization with reduced risk of bacterial contamination of the catheter during insertion. 

  • All you need to do is push the catheter out of the bag and guide it into the urethra without touching it until it reaches the bladder. 

  • Closed system catheters offer greater comfort and mobility. This is particularly useful for wheelchair-bound individuals or those with restricted dexterity. 

  • It allows for easy catheterization while on the go, in a public toilet, etc. 

  • They are easy to carry around and can easily fit into a pocket.

What is an Introducer Tip?

Most catheters in the closed system have a soft introducer tip at one end. This tip keeps the pre-lubricated catheter protected from bacterial infection during insertion because the first few millimetres of the urethra have the most bacteria. The introducer tip is a sheath made of silicone and around 5/8th of an inch in length. This tip goes in first into the urethra and the catheter goes through it into the bladder thus avoiding touching the urethra.

Closed System Catheter Features

  • Hydrophilic Catheters: Manufacturers like Coloplast, Rochester Medical, Peco Medical and Teleflex offer closed system catheters with a special coating called hydrophilic which is designed to help with easy insertion. The hydrophilic SpeediCath from Coloplast has three coatings – one on the base which makes it long lasting and secure one top coating for maximum absorption of water and the third is the sterile saline fluid in which the catheter is kept hydrated to ensure smoother insertion at any time. 

  • Polished Eyelets: Catheters in a closed system have eyelets that are designed to keep the tubing smooth so as to prevent trauma during insertion and removal. SpeediCath from Coloplast have polished eyelets which allow for smooth insertion with minimum trauma. 

  • Closed System Catheter Material: Material used for closed system catheters include PVC, vinyl, latex and silicone. Silicone catheter is the most preferred because there are no latex-allergy or sensitivity concerns with silicone. Plus concerns with disposal and toxin are done away with. 

  • Closed System Catheter Size: Generally closed system catheters range in sizes from 8 FR to 18 FR.

There are multiple brands of closed system catheters which are available in varying sizes and styles. You can buy straight tip closed system catheters, coude tip closed system catheters, tapered tip closed system catheters, olive tip closed system catheters, red rubber closed system catheters and much more. Take your pick from the variety we have here. Top brands featured here include Rusch, Self-Cath, Touchless, Elite, SpeediCath, Cure Catheter, Kendall, and O’Neil.